The Gentlemen’s Guide: What to Wear to a Wedding


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What’s more important than what the groom wears to his own wedding?  What YOU wear, of course, the most important guest!  You should also look your best, and bring your A-game when it comes to showcasing your style. Hey, you never know which of the bridesmaids you’re going to meet. Weddings can either make the best date nights, or one the best fashion show you will attend– assuming your friends are as sartorially savvy as you are.

Think about it, you get all cleaned up in your best suit, shoes, tie, etc., and either bring a hot date, or meet one throughout the evening. Regardless of what your situation is, you should look awesome at a wedding.  But, there’s a few things to remember when choosing your outfit. Whatever season the wedding you are attending is in, will determine what you wear.

These are the men’s wedding style guides for 2015.

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