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Why You Should Be Wearing a Tie Clip


If you aren’t regularly wearing a tie clip when you’re shooting for your dapperest look, you’re all wrong, son.  Tie clips are not only practical, but they look damn good while they’re doing their job.  Here’s all you need to know about the tie clip, and a few more shout outs to suit jewelry you should use to boost your style.

The Practicality of the Tie Clip


Unless you’re trying to reenact scenes from Twister, tie clips can come in extremely handy.  Not only do they stop you from looking rather foolish (no offense, Mr. President) but they keep your entire look pulled together.

And even if you aren’t the president, there is no reason your stylish neckwear should be getting in your way.  When deciding whether or not to wear a tie clip an old episode of House always pops into my head.  A med student continues to lean over patients with his tie getting in the way, infuriating his superiors… While I may not be preforming surgery anytime soon, I still don’t want it to fall in my soup.


You never know what the day will bring when you have a tie with a mind of its own.  Don’t risk getting it chopped off.

The Correct Placement of Your Tie Clip


Deciding to put one on is step one, but knowing where your tie clip goes is just as important.  Too often have we seen men wearing their’s high enough to choke themselves or so low their jacket nearly covers it.

Here’s the rule: it goes between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt.  Don’t try and be different and experiment with this one, it’s not going to give you any style cred.  Wear it right and proper and it will elevate your look to new heights.  And for the first timers out there: in case it’s unclear at all, the tie clip attaches to both your shirt and your tie, not just your tie.  Clip it to both the tie and the fabric and it will keep your tie snug and close to you, just the way it should be.

Where You Should Buy Your Tie Clips

These days you can find tie clips at almost any men’s store or department store, but you are going to be left with few options.  If you want something different than the rest of the herd check out The Tie Bar.  For $15-$20 you can get almost any tie clip imaginable, including plenty from the pages of GQ, who they have nicely labeled for your browsing convenience.  With 10 pages of tie clips, with one stop you can be ready for any event that comes your way.  Plus, they have an awesome collection of pocket squares and ties to make sure the entire outfit is just right.

For the more experienced suit-wearer, you may want something with a little more… substance.  And nothing stands out in this category more than the designer tie clip collection at Mr. Porter.  Our favorite is the Lanvin engraved metal, but any one would definitely get the job done.

To make it that much easier for you, here is a short list of our favorites…

Thetiebar.com, $15.


Thetiebar.com, $15.

MrPorter.com, $125.


Thetiebar.com, $15.


Thetiebar.com, $15.

Honorable Mentions


While a tie clip will most likely be your first jewelry to accompany a suit, it shouldn’t be your last.  Once you get more comfortable in your dry-clean only wardrobe, start adding a little more flair to it.  Flower lapel pins are everywhere these days, but hardly worn by men without great style.

Keep it small and understated like the gentlemen above, or go all out and get one that is screaming for attention, your call.  Either way, it’s going to catch the ladies eyes.

But why stop there…


For the days when you really want to make a lasting impression, channel your inner Bond and throw on some dashing cufflinks.

Although they are widely known as the classic of all the suit jewelry, they aren’t seen nearly as much these days.  Bring a little bit of the golden ages back whenever you get the chance, and show the entire room that you care.

Our Final Notes

To sum it all up, a suit is always a great look and rarely has trouble standing on its own.  But when you don’t want to look like every other men’s warehouse lookalike, step it up a notch and throw some details into the outfit.  Once you try your first tie clip, you’ll wonder how the hell you ever wore a tie without one.

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