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Gustin, the hottest new on-demand menswear company just released a line of fantastic chambray shirts.

From Squalor to Baller did a writeup where he compared them favorably to Gant Rugger button-downs which is one of my favorite brands.

The Gustin shirts are comparable in price, and since they are printed on demand they can afford higher quality materials. The way it works is Gustin takes pre-orders for a given product, if they hit 100 pre-orders, they make the product, if not, you get your money refunded. This ensures that they only create items that customers want, and it means if you want to get a certain shirt or jean created, you need to invite your friends.

Gustin just released a new coupon code for my friends, and anyone else who refers their friends. Get $20 off your first purchase, and I get $20 in credit for each of you I refer. I pre-ordered this Japan Grey Oxford in an XS, but I may need to change this out to get a Small. I will keep you posted.

Checkout From Squalor to Baller for the original photos and his review.


{ Get $20 Off Your First Gustin }

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