Warm Weather Fabrics at Ledbury


Warmer weather calls for a fresher outfit and lighter fabrics. Ledbury made sure to stock up on fresh staples for nicer weather and sunnier days. The breathable fabrics include the blue poplin, a go-to for light dress shirts, a soft and airy cotton made into The Deacon Houndstooth, thin and weightless Wyatt and cool comfortable poplin made into The Purple Keeneland.

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warm weather fabrics at ledbury - red tattersall - blue starks gingham - red checkThe Red Townsend Tattersall $135
Pink and Blue Starks Gingham $135
The Red Commonwealth Check $135

warm weather fabrics at ledbury - the baxter check - the lochlan gingham - the blue townsendThe Baxter Check $145
The Lochlan Gingham $145
Blue Townsend Tattersall $135

warm weather fabrics at ledbury - the deacon houndstooth - the wyatt seersucker - the purple keenelandThe Deacon Houndstooth $145
The Wyatt Seersucker $145
Purple Keeneland $135

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