Trail Blazers by Reiss


A classic that never goes out of style – perfectly fitted blazer, got a makeover for the new season. Reiss introduced a SS14 line of Trail Blazers, softened yet retaining their sharp lines. Their new tailored jackets will make an outfit whether it’s for work or pleasure. Dress up your favorite pair of jeans or pair with chinos and a button-down for a sharper look. Swamp that shirt for a T-shirt on a off-duty days.

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Trail Blazers by Reiss (1)Two Button Wash Navy Blazer $425
Peak Lapel One Button Blazer $445
Two Button Sage Blazer $425

Trail Blazers by Reiss (2)Classic Tuxedo Blazer $520
Three Button Textured Blazer $465
Slim Fit Two Button Blazer $370

Trail Blazers by Reiss -Textured Tuxedo Blazer $500
Two Button Light Grey Blazer $445
Two Button Black Blazer $445

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