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There are a few things in life you can simply never have enough of. Ties, pocket squares, and an overall flawless accessories game are some of them. But it makes it a lot more difficult to have endless options when you’re only buying the over priced pieces. So, we’d like to introduce you to Threads for Gentsthe dapper-as-hell style gurus who have put together some equally dapper ties, bow ties, and pocket squares that all go for less than $20 each.

It’s like the world’s greatest accessories store is having a $15 – $19 sale, and it’s amazing. Except it isn’t a sale, it’s the actual price, and it will still be that price tomorrow. Go ahead, take a minute to weep in excitement while thinking about your new tie and pocket square collections– we’ll wait.

Threads for Gents is currently offering some perfect summer pieces that we can’t wait to get our hands on. Check out a few of our favorite styles from each collection below, then head over to their website and start upping your game.

Threads for Gents Ties


Editors Stripe, Navy
Satin Dot, Navy
Editors Stripe, Dark Green
Available for $19 each

Threads for Gents Pocket Squares 

Fentone Floral, Kelly Green
Acoustic Check, Green
Fleur de Dots, Navy
Available for $15 each

Threads for Gents Bow Ties


The Parvati
The Emerson

The Kayo
Available for $19 each

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