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Saks Fifth Avenue has just premiered their Winter Spring 2016 collection in a breathtaking holiday display and we simply had to share a part of it with you. The collection incorporates dozens of brands and each garment has a unique flair all of its own. Below are some of the finest new releases in men’s fashion:

​​Lutwyche Tuxedos


Lutwyche Tuxedos are ​​exclusive to Saks and made with 100% Wool.


Another example of ​​Lutwyche Tuxedos.

​Helly Tech Pro Jackets

The ​Helly Tech Professional Jackets are highly waterproof and will keep you warm despite the worst of conditions.

​Moose Knuckles Outerwear


​Moose Knuckles is one of the latest companies to be introduced to Saks and is based out of Canada.

Del Toro Shoes


These quilted men’s slippers from Del Toro are perfect when hosting guests during the holiday season.

Ecoalf Collaboration

Sacks has recently collaborated with Ecoalf, a brand based out of Madrid that creates clothing, handbags and shoes made out of entirely recycled materials.

Saks Fifth Avenue

​Part of the Saks Fifth Avenue new Winter collection.

​Part of the Saks 2016 Spring collection, these lightweight fabrics will keep you cool all season long.

​Saks Fifth Avenue has created a box of fitness essentials for busy men on the go.

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