The fanciest suit styles for 2023

Every man and woman needs a good suit in their wardrobe. With the current climate and many businesses now choosing a remote or hybrid working model for their employees, many might think that the traditional suit is dead, but it’s not – it’s just evolved. 

You don’t need to work in an office to wear a suit. You can wear a suit to a dinner party, a job interview or a wedding. You can even style it to your liking. The point is, you’ll need at least one smart, tailored suit in your wardrobe so why not start planning to add one in 2023? Oversized tailoring made a comeback in 2022 with many artists, such as Harry Styles, being an avid fan of the 80’s suit style. The suit and trainers look also made a comeback, but what’s next for 2023?

Classic Black – Feel Like Mr. Bond

The classic black suit is loved by many and will continue to be a popular suit style for 2023. Black is a default, neutral colour meaning it goes with just about everything. However, with a black suit, it’s important that it has some substance to it. If the fabric is too lightweight, it will look too casual. A slim fit is best, but ensure you don’t go too skinny. 

It’s important not to cut corners with a black suit, either. Invest now so you can revisit this classic fit time and time again like James Bond himself. Make sure you pay attention to the quality of the fabric, the construction and the fit. A black suit is perfect for a more sophisticated evening, like a gala, an opera house or an evening at a casino for example. Not one for suits? You’ll be pleased to know that you can still enjoy some great activities even without the shirt and tie. Take an online casino, for example – you can still enjoy casino games like immortal romance online, lifting the pressure of many land based casino’s strict dresscode. Don’t worry, you can save the suit for another time!

A Dash of Colour – Rock the Office

Need a bit of colour in your life? You’ll certainly want to add some ‘fruity suiting’ to your wardrobe for 2023. We want colour! We want patterns! We want embellishments of all kinds! Yes, really. Colourful suits are a great way to make a statement and unleash your bold side. These kinds of suits are great if you want to get your personality across, like on your first day at a new job for example. However, these kinds of suits aren’t always acceptable for more formal occasions where there is a stricter dress code unless specified otherwise, funerals in particular.

Rest assured, colourful suits can be worn on many other occasions such as daytime drinks, days in the office or an evening out. Many women even choose to opt for a bright, colourful blazer with jeans as a smart casual look. Why not give it a go?

Summer Suits

For many, summer is one of the most enjoyable times of the year. However, it’s not always enjoyable if you’re stuck in a suit that’s making you feel a little bit too hot. Donning formal wear in the summer isn’t easy but it is possible.

By default, these suits should be much lighter, usually cut from fabrics like linen, silk, or fine merino wool, and styled in pale, sun-reflecting shades. Style with a loose billowing shirt to keep the heat away and the style locked in! Heavier suits are a no go as well as black suits, as black is known for attracting and retaining heat. Try pastel-inspired colours and neutrals instead.

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