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The Easiest Customization on the Planet: MTailor

There are few things in life that beat a custom shirt, very few.  The fit, the feeling of knowing it was constructed just for you, the added details you can choose along the way.  Customization has been around for decades, but it has recently found its way into the mainstream, with companies popping up all over the place offering custom fits.  The problem with most of these: getting fitted.  If you find a shirting company in NYC, but you live in Wisconsin, flying out for a quick measure isn’t ideal.  Well gents, this problem has been solved, and we couldn’t be happier about it.  We’d like to introduce you to MTailor, your own personal tailor and bespoke shirt maker, all in your iPhone.

I recently downloaded the MTailor app, got measured in my kitchen, received my custom shirt in the mail, and sat down with Miles Penn, Co-Founder of MTailor, to talk shop.  I was pleasantly surprised.

The MTailor App

When I first heard of this custom tailor in my phone I was uh– slightly skeptical.  How could my iPhone camera possibly measure me accurately?  And how can it measure me even better than a tailor, as they say it does?  Reluctance aside, I downloaded the app and followed the easy steps.


The measurement process was simple.  Put on some form fitting clothes, or strip down to your underwear and place your arms at an upward 90° angle.  Spin around slowly.  Once you get the okay that the video worked out (mine worked the first time I tried) you can move forward to pick out your shirt and details.

First you choose your pattern/fabric of the shirt you want.  The options are seemingly endless– I immediately think to myself I could redo an entire wardrobe from my cell phone.  Not a bad start.

Once you choose your fabric it’s onto the collar.  You can choose anything from widespread to button-down with a quick tap of the screen.  Next is the cuff, again giving you multiple choices with photos to help you distinguish one from the next.  Each step suggests what they feel is best for the fabric you chose, but you have final say.  Then you choose if you want your shirt to be long enough to tuck in, or want to let it hang freely, and whether you want slim fit or classic.  Monogram it and you’re ready to go.

The Shirt


My shirt arrived a few short weeks after I customized it on the app.  The fit was (and is) excellent.  I wore it out that evening and was comfortable the entire night.

When I spoke to Miles he told me the hardest part of this venture (aside from creating the actual technology) is getting people to believe it works.  That they really can measure you, and that it will come out accurately.  While I, like others, had my doubts, I was quickly proven wrong, your iPhone can indeed do a damn good job measuring you.  I have proof.

The cuffs sit exactly where they should on my wrist, the waist stays tucked in, the collar is my ideal spread, and, most importantly, it looks good.  If you have gotten this far and have yet to download the MTailor app… now’s the time

Our Final Review


This is an app that is just as fun as it is practical.  The shirts start out under $65 and vary by pattern and fabric.  The process is simple, quick, and it works.  Check out the MTailor website or download the app, and get ready for some compliments.

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