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The Ten Best Groomsmen Gifts For Gentlemen

Groomsmen-gifts-flasksWomen take care of the majority of the details when it comes to weddings.  Us men really have a few big details we have to get right (aside from picking the right lady, of course) and that’s the groomsmen and the gifts we give them.  Here are our ten sure-fire ways to keep your groomsmen happy with their gift. Hey, maybe if you treat them right the first time they’ll be willing to do it again… right?

We’ve also covered how to actually get married (hint: throw a kickass party and call it a wedding), and what are the best men’s wedding bands for you to rock.

1. The Flask


We have to, of course, start with the tried and true favorite: the flask.

It’s simple, it’s stylish and most of all, it is manly.  Throw in a bottle of nice scotch (because you don’t need to be a cheap ass) and it’s the perfect gift.

Apparently mustache flasks (as pictured up top) seem to be increasingly popular at the moment but I have to advise you stick with something a little classier.  Try something like this glass front flask from Amazon.  Aside from that, keep it simple and shiny, you can’t go wrong.

Glass Front Flask Available at Amazon.com, $12.95


Leather bound and stainless steel flask from J. Crew, $42.50


2.  Cufflinks


Another standard tradition and favorite, cufflinks are simple, stylish and keep your men in proper uniform.

I’m sorry to disappoint, but I am going to have to insist you stay away from novelty cufflinks.  Even the pictured duo is a bit much for me.  Go with something classy and timeless, it doesn’t necessarily have to be designer, but they shouldn’t be cheap either.  Go with something simple in silver, enamel or stainless steel.  Let the guys wear them time after time, not just the day you hand them out.

Try these…


Silver Interlaced Cuff Links, The Tie Bar, $20

Or take a step further with…


Lanvin Engraved Cuff Links, Available at Mr. Porter, $150

3. Zippo Lighters


There are few things to make a man feel more bad ass, Steve McQueen type cool than a zippo lighter.  Somewhere along the line men started settling for plastic Bics instead of adding the little extra detail and it’s a true shame.

I received a Zippo as a gift about a year ago and I absolutely love it, and I’m not even a smoker.  Pair one up with a nice flask for the perfect set of groomsmen gifts.  Your buddies may not realize how much they love it until the tipsy bridesmaid asks for a light at the reception, only then will they truly appreciate your manly gift.

Classic Zippo from Zippo.com, $20

4. Watches


For a man with a slightly larger bankroll, or the man who made his groomsmen spend a little extra for his big day, go big.  We aren’t suggesting you pick up a handful of Rolexes, but no one said you can’t splurge a little bit.

Keep it simple and keep everyone happy.  Don’t impose your style on your groomsmen, basic and classic is a win-win and everyone looks good.

Try this one from Tag Heuer, of course if money is an issue you can always find a classic Timex to ease up price tag.

Tag Heuer Carrera, $3,000+

Timex Intelligent Quartz Compass, $175

5.  A Proper Shaving Set


All men shave, few men shave correctly.

Give your groomsmen the gift of a smooth face and timeless style with a personalized shaving set.  Start with this badger hair brush and razor from The Man Registry and throw in some shaving cream from The Art of Shaving (we suggest the Sandalwood Essential Oil) and everyone will go home happy.


Personalized Shaving Set, The Man Registry, $119.95

The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Shaving Cream, $25

6.  Some Real Sports Memorabilia

Some good sports memorabilia is a great gift, but don’t grab something that is going to take up space on a wall.  Not everyone wants a signed jersey or an autographed photo.

Allen Edmonds has a great line of sports pieces that are subtle and extremely cool.  The above photo is a bottle opener made from the floor of Madison Square Garden, they also have money clips  with pieces of golf balls from TPC SawGrass, pens made from seats at Wrigley field and more.

Allen Edmonds Madison Square Garden Bottle Opener, $75

Allen Edmonds TPC SawGrass Money Clip, $70

Allen Edmonds Wrigley Field Pen, $150

7.  Dopps Kits


Like shaving, properly storing their essentials while traveling is another thing men tend to slip-up on.

Dopp kits are practical and add a sense of adult to your travel experience.  Easy to store all your gels, liquids, razors and the like, your groomsmen will love the upgrade in their mini travel packages.

We like this one from Paul Smith, found at Mr. Porter but they have a wide variety if you’d like something less flashy.  Click here to see Mr. Porter’s entire line of designer dopp kits.

Paul Smith Leather-Trimmed Canvas and Leather Dopp Kit, $225

8.  Some Don Draper Style Decanters


Decanters just make you feel classy.  This may not be the Mad Men era, and you may not be Harvey Spector, but every mans office looks a little cooler with a bad ass decanter.

Of course if your boss frowns or you don’t have an office, they look pretty stylish at a home bar too.

This one from The Man Registry is only $34.95 and looks as manly as the scotch inside.

Personalized Decanter from The Man Registry, $34.95

9.  Personalized Patrón

Whether your friends are tequila drinkers or not, a personalized bottle looks good in any liquor cabinet.  Not to mention five years down the line when you’re all hammering out shots while the wives are out of town, a bottle marked with memories is sure to bring up good discussion.

We found this one on Etsy for $30 and you have several labels to choose from.  I have also seen several whiskey bottles with the same personalized flair, but this one was done best.  Just cross your fingers that your friends wait until after the “I do’s” to open it up… after all, it is still tequila.

Personalized Patrón Bottles from Etsy.com, $30

10. A Good Shoe Polish Kit


The perfect gift is something incredibly useful that most people won’t buy for themselves: this is one of those gifts.

Every man should have a shoe polishing kit but very few men seem to actually own them.  This all inclusive, stylish kit from Mulberry is exactly what we’re talking about.  None of your friends will have an excuse for dull shoes again, all thanks to you.

Mulberry Shoe Polish Kit, Mr. Porter, $500

Our Final Advice on Groomsmen Gifts

These are your best friends, your family, your brothers: treat them well.  These guys put a lot of time into making sure everything goes smoothly and the bachelor party is done right.  They go through fittings, buy new tuxes, and take all the ridiculous pictures you and your new wife want.  Don’t jip them on the thank you present.

Choose one if you go for a big ticket item but with most of these they work even better when paired up.  At the end of the day, this extravagant time was all about you, and they helped make sure it all went smoothly.  Reward them.

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