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Greats Royale Sneakers Review: The Perfect White Leather Kicks

Royale_White_Rotate_Greats Royale Sneakers Review The Perfect White Leather Kicks

Greats is one of the great, fresh American companies that offers amazing products without the 3rd party retailer, making them affordable without compromising on the quality. In this case we’re talking about sneakers. Greats was launched in August 2013 and quickly became an instant classic selling out of most styles within 90 days or as GQ put it “Shaking up the sneaker to store inventory flow”. Forbes also wrote “Greats is building the next Great footwear company”, and we couldn’t agree more. In this review we’re taking one of their most popular pairs, the Royale sneaker, under the magnifying glass.

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Greats quality

Royale_Feature_Greats Royale Sneakers Review The Perfect White Leather Kicks

The Royale sneaker is hand crafted in Civitanova Italy, a region also known as “Shoe Valley”, and used by most luxury fashion houses for their footwear production. This sneaker is fully hand made using hand picked Italian leathers from their best tanneries. Of course, only the best in the world, as the luxury fashion industry wouldn’t have it any other way. Royales are made of vegetable tanned Vachetta leather, which is  commonly used for luxury bags. Both the footbed and the lining are full grain, laces are 100% waxed cotton and all of this is assembled on an Italian Margom sole by the best craftsman in Italy. When it comes to sneakers this really is the top shelf quality.

The Royale design

Royal_White_grande_grandeThe Royale sneakers do resemble some more iconic shoe designs, such as Common Projects, but despite that they manage to stay unique. Somewhat simple design that doesn’t give to much to embellishment or flashing details makes these a timeless piece which is always a great advantage. You’ll be wearing these for seasons and they’ll probably wear out much sooner than they’ll go out of style. What gives these sneakers a touch of character is the stitching. The two stitches on the side give the Greats Royal sneaker some personality and make them a truly unique pair.

The comfort factor

Greats Royale Sneakers Review The Perfect White Leather Kicks

The fact that Greats spends more money on the leather lining than they do on the leather upper really shows when putting these sneakers on for a test drive.You can compare it to how a cashmere sweater feels on your skin. Usually with classic sneakers like these the comfort level can’t compare to a loafer or a drive shoe, they can be stiff and it takes time to shape them to your foot shape, which is what makes them comfortable in the end. Not with Royale sneakers. After wearing them only a few times, you’ll feel fully confident to take them for a longer stroll or even on a trip where you’ll be exploring new territories. Walking a few miles per day in these will be almost as comfy as wearing your running sneakers, without having to compromise on the kickass design.

The Royale price

ROYALE_INSTAGRAM_Greats Royale Sneakers Review The Perfect White Leather Kicks

When you put 2 and 2 together you’ll quickly realise that shoes with such standards in quality can quickly cost up to $400. The Royales come with a $159 price tag, which can be either high or low, depending on how much you’re accustomed to spending on shoes. When you take into consideration all written beforehand this will seem like a bargain. On top of that, you can use this referral code for $10 off your first order at Greats.

How to style Royale sneakers

how to style - greats-royale-mowbray

how to style royale sneakers

how to style-Greats Royale Sneakers Review The Perfect White Leather Kicks

how to style-Greats Royale Sneakers Review The Perfect White Leather Kicks

how to style-Royale_White_Hover_03 (1)

One thing that we really love about Greats Royale sneakers is how versatile they are when it comes to styling. First, you can pick them out in a variety of 11 different styles and color combinations, from simple white to as wild as tartan red. Second, you can wear them with your sports gear for a laid-back feel or with a classier outfit for a more dapper look. Whichever style you choose we suggest you roll up the leg and wear them without any socks. If you’re the chilly kind then pair them with some funky colored socks.

Nick Wooster x GREATS Collection

silver_slipon_nick wooster x greats

Everything Nick Wooster touches seems to turn to gold. Or silver in this case. The fashion icon and Greats‘ stylist-in-residence collaborated with the brand on something much bigger than just styling. Beginning of this year they introduced the Wooster – a remake of their Royale sneaker in a metallic silver and gold. This slip-on shoe has the same bells and whistles as other Greats’ models: white calf leather lining and a deceptively comfortable sleek white cup sole. Like Royals these are also hand crafted in Italy, and with a sleek and trending silhouette, they’re a real fashion find.

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