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10 Things You Need to Know About Berluti, The Hottest Menswear Line from LVMH


Berluti is slowly but steadily becoming a real household name that stands for luxury and class. Being a brand with long lasting tradition and distinctive craftsmanship, it’s only logical this brand is close to any man who appreciates quality and timeless design. From Berluti history we already learned how this company developed into a fashion empire, what’s its signature style and who influenced its iconic designs. Now we’re gonna dig deeper into the DNA of the brand and give you 10 things you need to know about Berluti to be able to appreciate it in all its luxurious glory.

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LVMH spent $137 million to develop Berluti


When LVMH took over Berluti in 1993, they already had a game plan prepared. They quickly turned this small maker of expensive men’s shoes into a wholesome luxury menswear brand. Spending upward of $137 million to develop Berluti, adding accessories and apparel to the brand’s shoe line, they turned it into a real fashion empire.

Antoine Arnault continues to celebrate Berluti’s heirloom

Antoine Arnault - 10 Things You Need to Know About Berluti, The Hottest Menswear Line from LVMH

The CEO of LVMH empire, Antoine Arnault, got his first pair of Berluti shoes from his father when he was only 17. At the time he barely wore them, but kept them through the years. In 2003 the father who gave him those shoes has put him in charge of the brand. With the appreciation of the brands heirloom, he is determined to turn Berluti into a fashion powerhouse.

Berluti relaunches the brand in 2012


Fashion insiders have gathered at Harrods department store in October 2012 to witness the relaunch of Berluti brand. The Berluti menswear collection created by Alessandro Sartori is all but modest. It’s the epitome of how to create modern ultra-luxury. And it was the necessary addition to the shoe line that pushed the brand forward.

Berluti’s revenue has grown from $45 million to $130 million

berluti Conduit Street in London

In only three years Arnault’s project turned into a big success. Business has grown from around $45 million to approximately $130 million a year in sales. They opened several new stores and remodeled old ones, including the shop on Conduit Street in London, which is now a flagship store.

Berluti offers custom made apparel

10 Things You Need to Know About Berluti, The Hottest Menswear Line from LVMH (1)

The store on Rue de Sèvres in Paris, formerly known as Arnys, was transformed into a traditional tailoring shop, offering extended tailoring services. To their classic offerings of tailored suits they added jeans, chinos, trench coats and field jackets to their custom-made menu. Although the service is limited to the Paris store, clients of Berluti stores in a few other cities can request the service, and a tailor from Paris will be flown in.

Alessandro Sartori turned Berluti into a bespoke company

10 Things You Need to Know About Berluti, The Hottest Menswear Line from LVMH (4)

Alessandro Sartori, the Artistic Director of Berluti, implemented his vision of a true bespoke experience that makes anyone re-think the made-to-measure production. A bespoke garment requires 50 separate body measurements that are drawn and cut into a personalized paper pattern reserved inside the atelier. The garment is designed individually, requires around 75 hours and costs about $8,880.

Berluti only uses the most exclusive materials

10 Things You Need to Know About Berluti, The Hottest Menswear Line from LVMH

With a brand like Berluti, nothing is of ordinary. Only the most exclusive fabrics are used for both ready-to-wear and the Grande Mesure service. One of those textiles is an astronomically light wool made by Biella-based mill Vitale Barberis Canonico used for their custom suits. Berluti also develops its own fabrics and materials, such as the famous Venezia leather.

Berluti added a range of sportswear

berluti sportswear ss15

Being known for their impeccable tailoring and luxurious footwear, Berluti recently expanded their selection to sportswear and outerwear. Besides looking sharp for the next big occasion, the brand now also covers those with an expensive taste for everyday clothes. If there’s nothing that fits, then there’s still the bespoke service, that will design a perfect pair of jeans or a bomber jacket.

Berluti is now available on Mr. Porter


Although Berluti strives to keep their level of exclusivity and still has a very limited distribution they recently started selling their footwear on the website of one of the biggest online retailers Mr. Porter. Their selection is limited, including a small selection from their luxury apparel line and a few pieces of exclusive leather bags.

Berluti Spring/Summer 2015 collection is timeless

10 Things You Need to Know About Berluti, The Hottest Menswear Line from LVMH (2)

For the upcoming Spring and Summer season Alessandro Sartori designed a fresh looking collection that will be adapted by many youngsters and also those with a long-lasting relationship with Berluti. From sharp looking suits to soft leather jackets and subtle incorporations of sportswear, this collection is both youthful and timeless.

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