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An Easy Fix for Your Shoes: Cobbler Concierge


Sometimes the easiest errands are the ones that seem to never get done.  Dropping off your dry cleaning, remembering to drop a thank you card in the mail, or fixing up one of your favorite pairs of shoes, even though New York has a cobbler on every corner.  I’ll admit it, I have this problem.

I have a closet full of shoes, and remembering to drop off a pair to get re-soled, cleaned, or stitched up in one way or another is one of the most difficult things for me to remember.

I have actually had a pair of boots, one of my favorite pairs, that have had a hole in the bottom for awhile now.  The boots themselves are still great, the leather is in excellent condition, I have just worn through the bottoms.

Of course this never crosses my mind until the moment I want to wear them.  And that isn’t the moment I feel like dropping them off to get repaired.

But finally a service has come along to fix this ongoing problem of mine, and repair all of my shoes that have seen better days.  It’s called Cobbler Concierge, and it’s amazing.

Here’s a quick breakdown for you.

You find your shoes that need some work done and head over to Cobbler Concierge.

You let them know how many pairs need some lovin’ and the website will let you know the cost.  One pair of men’s shoes or boots will run you $80.

You give Cobbler Concierge a few notes on what needs to be done– new heals, soles, etc., and whether or not your shoes are taller than the average Chelsea boot (strictly for box size purpose, this will not increase the price).

You then enter your address and payment info and a box is on its way to you and your shoes.

The Box Has Arrived.  Now What?


Once the Cobbler Concierge box arrives, you’ll find the simple instructions inside.

Basically, you just put your shoes in the box, write down what you would like fixed, place the included shipping label back on the box and seal it back up with the provided tape strips– it is the most streamlined and simple process imaginable.

Send the box out, and you’re done.

Within the next couple of weeks your shoes will return to you in their former glory, ready to be beat up all over again.

The Result

As I previously mentioned, I had some boots that needed some big time TLC, of course I neglected to take a photo of these boots before I sent them in– I was extremely excited to try this awesome service out and it slipped my mind.  But when they returned they were without holes, and as perfect as the day they were purchased, as you can see below.


We see a lot of new services, companies, and trends roll through Life, Tailored.  And we love to try them all.

I can say without a doubt that this is one of the most convenient, and one of my favorite services to date.  My next box has already arrived, now I just need to decide which of my shoes gets the next facelift.

Check out the video below for just one more reason we love Cobbler Concierge, then head over and check it out for yourself, and give your shoes the extra care they need.  Your feet will thank you.


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