Shirts you Love: Ledbury Core Collection Bundle


ledbury back in stock and top 5 shirts

One of the most wanted at Ledbury is back in stock! The Blue Starks Twill is a versatile piece that can be worn by itself as well as in a business-casual setting or under a blazer. It’s your new go-to shirt.

The Blue Starks Twill $135Ledbury -blue starks twill

After taking the inventory of the last 30 days, Ledbury came up with the list of the most trending shirts. The most popular among customers are surprisingly very colorful. All the top 5 shirts are available in the Ledbury Core Collection bundle offer which brings you amazing savings. For a bundle of 3 shirts, you get $75 off, for a stack of 5, you’ll save $150 and for a bundle of 7 shirts from the collection, your tab will be $300 lighter.

Get $25 Off your first purchase at Ledbury.

ledbury shirts -the blue royal oxford

ledbury top 5 shirts - the brown and blue carter check

ledbury top 5 shirts - the corner plaid

ledbury top 5 shirts - the lochlan gingham

ledbury top 5 shirts - the wagner plaid

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