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ShirtCycle Review + Promo Code


You may have read our recent feature on the simple customization process of ShirtCycle (You haven’t!?  Read it now!)  From start to finish, from cut to monogram, these guys keep it crazy simple to get a perfectly tailored shirt delivered right to your door.  The cost is unparalleled, the process couldn’t be easier, so how is the quality?

Well, we have received our first 3 shirt box from ShirtCycle, and I can confidently tell you the quality is as great as the process.

We loved the first free shirt you receive to verify size, but the 3 shirts we received in the box surpassed an already great shirt on so many levels.  It’s soft, it’s well-made, it was constructed from scratch to fit your body, no matter how much longer your right arm is than your left, or how much one shoulder slumps, it contains your initials monogrammed (assuming you want this), and best of all, there are so many more of these perfectly sewn shirts waiting for you at ShirtCycle that you never have to shop again.


To be completely candid, we see a lot of custom and semi-custom shirts roll through the doors of Life, Tailored.  Most we like, some we laugh at, others we love.  Custom shirts teach you things about yourself you otherwise didn’t know, like that my shoulders are broader than most, and this is why it’s near impossible for both my shoulder width and my arm length to be correct on a shirt, custom or otherwise.  I have become accepting of shirts that are slightly too short or too long, a travesty in its own right, but a sacrifice I have learned to live with.

No one had ever mentioned to me why this always happens, or figured out how to fix it.  Then I met Matt from ShirtCycle, their head stylist and tailor, the first thing Matt called out based on my submitted photo is that I probably have trouble with shirts fitting my shoulders.  He made a quick note, and now, for the first time in a very long time, I have multiple shirts that are both the correct length on my arms and fit my shoulders.  Rejoice.

Basically, we know shirts, we love shirts, we wear a lot of shirts– pretty much every day.  Of all the shirts we have thrown on our backs recently, ShirtCycle shirts are some of our favorites.  If you’re looking to improve, change, or revamp your wardrobe, ShirtCycle is a godsend.  Plus the whole never having to leave your desk to shop is something we can definitely get behind.  An online service that knows your size and curates styles every other month?  Yes, please.

Want to try out ShirtCycle?  Trust us, you do.  Get $25 off by going here and using promo code ‘lifetailored’. Code is currently EXPIRED.

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