Some Seriously Awesome Jeans: Kent Denim


Kent-Denim-LogoOne of the greatest feelings in life is finding your new favorite jeans.  You know the ones I’m talking about; they fit perfectly, the cut is exactly what you wanted, they hit your shoes just right.  We typically find these by trying fifty different pairs over a number of years, hoping one of them is made just the way we want it.  Or… you could just go pick up a pair of Kent Denim.  These jeans are text book perfect (literally, Founder Noah Landis published a text book on how to make jeans) and once you grab your first pair, your longing for the perfect jean will finally be over.


Noah Landis is no stranger to denim, or the fashion industry in general.  Born and raised in San Francisco he headed to NYC to take on the fashion industry we all know and love.  After kicking some corporate ass in New York for a few years, he headed back west to LA and started one of the coolest denim labels currently out there, Kent Denim.  Loved by celebrities and denim enthusiasts alike, these jeans definitely speak for themselves.

Using nothing but top quality Japanese and American denim, each pair is handcrafted and takes roughly 7 hours to create.  This ensures each pair is as unique and well-made as the last, and each and every pair is done perfectly right.

Our Favorite Pair


While we love the brand as a whole, we of course have our favorite cut in the bunch.  The Slim leg, raw cone with a contrast stitch hits all the marks.  The fit is dead on, slim without being skinny.  The color is perfect for dressing down with a tee and sneakers, or dressing up with a blazer and wingtips.

Check out the entire Kent Collection, or skip straight to the perfect slim fit.

Feel free to rejoice, your search for the perfect jeans is finally over.

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