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San Francisco Men’s Fashion Outfit Style Guide

The Fog City

San Francisco is located in northern California and many of you may think that the place is warm and surrounded by palm trees. Actually, the city is in highland and is engulfed by “Karl”, the fog that brings cool winds and chilly temperature. The weather in the city is totally different from the others which they have cool summers and warm winters.

You can wear anything that pleases you when you are in the city since the people do not mind much about any outfit or even the strange ones. The styles there starts with being a hippie to an avant-garde dude. The residents of Frisco typically wear casual yet fashionable outfits and warm comfy apparels.

San Francisco is one of the popular tourist destinations in the States. The landmarks and the city structures are Instagram-worthy. Not only the climate of Frisco is cool, also the fashion of the people there are really cool, too. If you are planning to have a vacation in Golden Gate City and wondering what to wear that best correspond to the weather of The City, below are some of the guide you might need to know.

San Francisco Outfit Style Guide for Men

Still thinking about what to wear on your San Francisco vacay? Since the city has a different climate from other places in the States, you may be baffling on what clothing would accord to the weather there. Here’s a guide for men to wear while roaming around Frisco.

What to Wear in November, December, January, and February

Winter comes in November up to February but Frisco doesn’t have a white one. It doesn’t snow there, however, the temperature around the city is still lower than the other seasons. You can just wear a typical casual outfit with the touch up of some items to keep you comfortably warm.

Sweater and Jacket

Winter coats are not necessary and thin ones would not do either. Pack up some sweaters or long sleeve shirts, not really warm ones. Choose some that can be easily layered with lined jacket.

Scarf and Raincoat

A scarf is needed in cold weather, of course, and this is also a plus style on your outfit. In addition, it sometimes rains in the winter there. Prepare a raincoat and an umbrella, a trenchcoat would be perfect not only to keep you dry, also it will make you look smart on the street.

Boots or Sneakers

The weather there might be unpredictable so it would be better to be prepared. A pair of ankle boots are versatile to any weather and any outfit. Sneakers comes in handy, they are perfect for your feet walking from one tourist spot to another.

What to Wear in March, April, or May

These months are actually the Spring season, the temperature still drops around 60°F anyhow and it is cooler at night. It often rains in these months especially in May. Normally, the atmosphere is cool and you’d better be dressed warm.


Say no to shorts even it’s Spring there, you don’t want to be freezing. Include pants, that best match the city’s ambience, when packing for your trip to Frisco.


Have some easy-to-layer tops with you like Tshirts or tank tops. The weather there can be warm or cool in an instance.

Cardigan Coat

The atmosphere in Frisco during Spring needs a windbreaker coat. You can do the layering stylishly with a jacket or a cardigan coat.

What to Wear in June, July, or August

The world heats up every Summer yet in Frisco, Summer is greatly loved by “Karl”. The fog envelopes the city especially in June, the people call it the “June Gloom”. The rest of the months are also a little gloomy – “No Sky July” and sometimes “Fogust” in August. Cool city indeed, you must also be ready for some drizzle accompanying “Karl”.


There may be times that theclimate at night are quite cooler than expected. Get ready to have your sweater on when you are planning on roaming the city in the evening.

Lightweight Outfits

If you are planning to walk around the hill city, you’d better have some thin clothes in your luggage. It’s maybe crisp, also it’s good and kind of hot outside on a day trip in the wine country. Flipflops are nice to use for a sudden sunny day and for an inland day tour.

Swim Suits

You can have a chilly dip at the beach. Bring your best bathing suit, it can be trunks or shorts.

What to Wear in September and October

Despite of the should-be Fall season, it feels like summer in San francisco. September is really warm causes the locals and tourists to go to the beach. Even it’s kind of hot at the beach, the breeze that blows is still chilly so you still need to bring some layers.


You can sport a shirt with simple or with stylish prints on it. Shirts are basic to-go clothing that help you look more cool.

Light Jacket

These months are dry and warm yet it has quite chill at night. Always check the weather before heading out, rain jackets are not necessary.


All year round must have in the city. A pair of nice pants is really convenient to wear and to match with any tops.

Fashion in Frisco

  • Wearing a thick coat might be a hustle in Winter because the temperature is not that consistent there. Better to layer from the thinnest to thickest clothes and you can just take off some layers when you feel warm.
  • Pop colored outfit is uncommon in the city, the people are more into neutral or earth-toned apparels. They save those bright colors on their accessories to make their look captivating.
  • Jeans are the essential piece for the people there.
  • Fur coats are really a big no-no. Beware of the PETA activists, they will splash paint on your furs if you’re wearing one.
  • San Franciscan don’t care much about the label of your clothes and the style you’re into. You can flaunt anything you feel like wearing even it’s unique.
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