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Finally A Bed In a Box Company Offers Customization, And I’m Loving It!

tulo Mattresses Believes #OneIsNotAChoice

The New Year is about reinvention and rejuvenation, and this year I partnered with tulo to refresh my sleep regiment. tulo makes it easy to find a bed that fits the way I sleep, and get it delivered straight to my house.

Unlike other mattress companies, tulo believes that #OneIsNotAChoice and that’s why they offer three different comfort levels, designed specifically for the way you sleep.

What is tulo?

tulo is a Chichewa or Nyanja word meaning “sleep”, the native language of the people of Zambia. But, to me tulo means that they’re a different kind of mattress company. They believe there is no “one” mattress to suit everyone, and that’s why they offer three different comfort levels depending on what you need.

Take The Quiz

After studying the sleep patterns of people all over the world, the team at tulo put together a quiz to help you find out what kind of mattress fits you best and based on your answers, they recommend the ideal mattress for you. I took the tulo sleep quiz because I’m a back sleeper who gets hot during the night and was recommended the Firm comfort level. Ever since I’ve had the mattress, I’ve slept better than ever.

Three Comfort Levels of tulo Matresses


This comfort option is best for people who sleep on their side. Whether you sleep on your left or right side, the softness will be just right. It’ll put less pressure on your side, giving you a more comfortable sleep.


If you sleep always facing the pillow, the Medium is perfect for you. You can consider the Medium the tummy sleepers’ best friend. Also, if you frequently change positions throughout the night, the Medium density is the best option.


For the back sleepers out there, this would suit you (as it does me). You will have a great night’s sleep on your back without getting that backache in the morning. If you also don’t like the feeling of sinking into the bed, this is your best bet.

What Are tulo Mattresses Made Of?

Each layer of a tulo mattress works differently, but when they are all placed together it creates a well-made product giving the best quality.

Cool Flow Memory

The top layer of every tulo mattress is cool flow memory foam. This material does not absorb, store or radiate heat, keeping you cool through the night.

Peak And Valley Foam

Right below the memory foam is the Peak and Valley foam. This layer has a number of different channels of air pathways allowing the air to flow freely through the mattress. Combined with the memory foam, and the peak and valley foam, it creates a cool ventilating, mattress best for hot and humid weather or a home heated for the winter.

Comfort Foam

The third layer is just like the peak and valley foam. The differentiating feature of the comfort foam is that it’s a single, solid piece. This gives support to the upper layers and provides comfort throughout the night, preventing your body from sinking in during the night and causing discomfort.

High-Density Foam

This is the bottom layer. It conjoins the entire mattress, giving structure and stability. The specially formulated foam holds the entire mattress together. The unique combination of foam layers is what makes tulo so special.

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