This $7.50 Tank Top Proves You Don’t Need to Spend a Lot to Look Great This Summer


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When it comes to summer clothes, I’ve found you don’t have to spend much to get reliable pieces.

Especially when it’s 90 degrees like it was in Miami it’s tough to wear anything but tank tops and not be sweltering.

So that’s why I stocked up my summer wardrobe at @forever21. This tank top was $7.50 from their online store. It looks good, is light and breathable and if it gets stained from sun tan oil, I just toss it and buy another.

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2(X)ist Swim Trunks Review

Trunks on the other hand are worth spending a bit more money.

These @official2xist fit well, are reasonably priced around $60, are made of a breathable fabric and the designs don’t fade after tons of chlorine.

I only knew #2xist from their workout clothes but they have a pretty good selection of swim shorts. My only complaint is these were the only classic style that didn’t have a crazy print.

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