Reiss is Taking Us to Riviera


It’s time to start planing that vacation, to slip into something comfortable and effortlessly relaxed. At Reiss they prepared a special homage to a modern sartorial sensibility also known as riviera style. A tribute to days gone by includes stripes, colorful chinos, lots of white, light blazers and relaxed slip-ons.

Shop for Reiss riviera style. 

reiss riviera style - crew neck jumper - twill chinos - lace up suede shoesDustin Fine Knit Shirt $130
Medway Navy Classic Twill Chinos $180
Geppetto Navy Lace up Suede Shoes $265

reiss riviera style - rose chino shorts - jersey shirt - stripe topWicker Rose Tailored Chino Shorts $125
Bowen White Long Sleeve Shirt $130
Stripe Long Sleeve Sweatshirt $115

reiss riviera style - navy polo shirt - chino shorts - lightweight blazerLarry Navy Patterned Polo Shirt $130
Palmero Navy tailored Chino Shorts $130
Woodland Lightweight Blazer $370

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