Proper Cloth Ties



Proper Cloth just released their new tie collection, main things to know:

  • Ties are handmade, resulting in a quality with finer details
  • Ties are made of the same fabric inside and out, representing complete quality
  • Ties use wool on the inside which allows the tie to fall gracefully and keep its shape
  • Ties normally run $150-200 for major brands, these are just $100
  • Ties are 3.5″ wide and 3″ wide for black, which is just a tad wider than skinny ties (2.5″)

If you have a Proper Cloth shirt, this is the perfect compliment. Buying all your items from the same clothier to makes the best compliment. The clothes were designed to be worn together, so pair this with your Proper Cloth shirt.

If you haven’t experienced Proper Cloth yet, use my coupon code for $25 off Proper Cloth.

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