How to pull off the leather jacket look

how to wear a leather jacket menhow to wear a leather jacket menshow to wear a leather jacket menshow to wear a leather jacket mens

How to Wear Leather Jacket and Look Dope

Calvin Klein, $19.99

Wear A Printed or Basic Shirt

Leather Jackets are known for a rock and roll style, so your basic concert tee or white or black shirt is a perfect fit. Some more adventerous dressers have been known to wear a leather jacket with a tie, replacing their blazer.

If you want to keep to simple and still have the swag then, you should pair your leather jacket with a basic white shirt underneath. The basic tee highlights your jacket and makes it the centerpiece of your outfit.

The Kooples Moto Leather Jacket, $1195

Leave the Jacket Unzipped

Just like other jackets, leather ones also have zippers. It’s okay to fully close it if the weather is freezing and even with that you will still look good but a lot of us like to keep it unzipped. The unzipped style gives it the relaxed, I don’t give a F look that is what you want when you wear a leather jacket.

Wear Your Jacket with a Pair of Slim Fit Jeans

Nothing goes better with a leather jacket than a good pair of slim fit jeans. Personally I prefer black and ripped jeans since it will make your outfit more balanced. This will give you a minimalist look and it will just look simple yet very detailed. I really like the ripped jeans that are just on the knee, which adds a pop of color from your (hopefully tan) knees sticking out.

Common Projects, Achilles $410

What Shoes to Wear with a Leather Jacket?

When it comes to shoes, go for clean white sneakers. These shoes work perfectly because they’re neutral. They work with basically any outfit you wear. If you don’t want to wear white sneakers you can always opt for a black sneakers or black boots. This would also be a perfect match for your jacket and would also be complementing your plain or printed shirts. When coordinating my outfit,
I always choose my jacket first, then match my shoes and the rest of the outfit based on that, because it’s normally the standout piece of my outfit

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