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8 Hypest Streetwear Outfit Ideas for Men in 2018


o go from business dress or business casual to streetwear can be tough to pull it off because it’s so easy to throw on a suit and tie and look pretty decent. But if you want to rock a hoodie or ripped jeans, you can end up looking sloppy and like a mess, that’s why I created this guide.

To make it easy for you to copy the best streetwear outfits so you’ll like just as fresh as these gents.

Hat: Norse Projects; Jeans: Asos; Bag: Goyard; Shoes: Saint Laurent; Jacket: Remi relief; Shirt: Buck Mason

Here are the some of the rules: Colors and designs play a huge role in pulling off streetwear. And there are even some pieces that are timeless and traditional that look great in a street style setting.

I get my inspiration for streetwear just by walking down the streets of New York City. There are so many fashion-forward looks to copy it’s unbelievable. Lucky for you, I’ve made it easy by pooling together the 8 best streetwear outfits to copy for 2018. Enjoy.


If you are a guy who plays safe in terms of dressing up, then neutral colors are the best option for you. It’s easy to put on since they are versatile and basic. Overall neutral looks may look good with many tones to mix with.

The most convenient way to ace this look is contrasting the color; just choose two shades, wear a shade lighter of inner wears or tops, then a shade darker for the jacket or the pants. You can add some texture to this outfit.

Pop Colors2

Most men wear from darker colors to pitch black in winter, but in this year, brighter tops and coats are in. Pop colors give sunnier mood over the gloomy season, and they can make your look more attractive. You will be conspicuous wearing brighter colors, but don’t worry, styling with this is not difficult to do.

Be sure that to only wear one piece of pop color, it may be a sweater or a jacket. Choose a classic design outerwear, and wear straight cut jeans or chinos.


Who says that floral will only look good on ladies? Well, men can also pull off floral shirts, shirts or pants. As we all know, florals are better to be worn in summer and spring. Yet, it’s a little tricky to wear, you will either look like a killer fashionista or it will kill your vibe by looking like a tourist by the sea.

Choose a loose fit shirt and don’t wear a too colorful floral. You can button the shirt up and pair it with black jeans. Wearing a pair of beige pants is the best way to display your summer trend top.


A timeless piece that will exhibit your masculinity, a leather jacket is a never fading style for anyone. There are many kinds of leather jacket that you can wear any time of the year. There’s no problem with dressing up wearing a leather jacket, it’s really easy to combine with outher pieces to create a casual street style.

It’s best to wear a darker shirt when you are wearing a lighter colored leather and vice versa. Put on a pair of slim-fit or skinny pants. For your footwear, boots will make you look chic, and sneakers will create a sporty look.


Regardles of the weather, bomber jackets have been a staple casual apparel in men’s wardrobe. Bomber jackets showcase simplicity and youthful side of the wearer. Street style oufits will never be complete without a bomber jacket.

In warmer weather, you may wear a basic tee under your bomber jacket. A darker sweatshirt is best to combine with it in the colder months to keep yourself warmer. Ripped jeans and a pair of sneakers are perfect pieces to mix with a bomber jacket for the street style outfit.


Brave men pull off checkered the best. If you are thinking that checkered is not a modern thing, then think again. You sometimes need some prints, and checkered is one of the coolest choices. Giving you a unique and attractive look, checkered has been worn more as a casual outfit. Choose the right color of your plaid pieces of clothing, they should not be too bright nor dull.

For a checkered shirt, you can wear it two ways: as a shirt and as a cardigan style. Pair it with manly shape denim jeans and wear a pair of sneakers for the on-the-go vibe. A tucked in shirt and men’s dress shoes will make a clean look.


This is more like a statement style, military inspired outfit is one of the manliest styles we have seen. Camouflage is an iconic design in the fashion world. Also, olive green color is now the primary choice of men for picking up some piece of clothings.

You may shop for camo shirts, sweater, jacket, and pants. They are actually easy to style up. Stick to neutral colors if you wish to outstand the military piece.

Trench Coat8

Comes from military use to being a staple clothing in the cold climate, trench coats are really ideal to exhibit your masculinity on the streets. Regardless of its purpose, a waterproof raincoat, trench is really fashionable to wear and it will make your outfit look garb without even trying.

Trench coats are often used in formal outfit because of their classic designs, however, you can slay this with your street style outfit for they are really versatile. Just wear some basic apparels, like a white sweater and washed jeans, your trench will carry out the outfit well. Men’s dress shoes are perfect to pair with a trench to look more suave.

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