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My Job Is To Look Dope AF On IG, And Here’s What I Wear To The Beach

Men’s Beach Fashion

Whenever I get the itch to go on vacation, my first thought is always, what’s the closest beach. This is a bit ironic, considering as a kid I grew up only 30 minutes from the beach, and went maybe once a year, but now that I’ve been in New York for 6 years, the beach has a new appeal.

I love to just close my eyes, and listen to the wash of the ocean. It’s a sound that can make me feel both extremely relaxed, but also excited about the endless possibilities of what else is beyond the waters.

You may have the same feelings as me or you may just like working on your tan, but either way you want to look great at the beach. I’ve put together my men’s fashion guide to the beach featuring outfits, looks, accessories and anything else you’ll want to bring along with you to those beautiful grains of sand.

What to Wear on the Beach

On any beach in the world, the number one rule is to dress casually! Your outfits should match the location. If you’re heading to the Caribbean, where there are a ton of bright colors, go with the flow and peacock it out on the sands in all sorts of wild shades (this also works in Miami).

If you’re in the Mediterranean, stick to more neutral colors that match the motif. Greece: wear white and blue. Italy: dress like the flag, reg, white, and green (or better yet the color of the umbrellas).

Also, try to have your outfits pull double duty, so that you won’t have to bring a lot of clothes. My favorite go to shoe are SWIMS, which act as a water-resistant loafer plus the perfect night loafer.

Tank tops

A tank top is an essential piece of clothing when heading to the beach. This will let you breathe and show off any muscle definition you’ve been trying so hard to build. Try to match your top color to your swimwear or shorts.

You can pair it with some espadrilles or loafers to complete your look.


Bring multiple colors of shorts with you on your trip. What I do is try on the outfits before I go, and make sure that the tops will go with the bottoms so in the event I want to mix it up, everything basically matches.As for denim and chinos, you can use these while walking at the beach or going out at night. They are pretty casual and stylish.

Try to play with the colors and patterns together with your tank tops and shirts. Plus for places where the beach temperature drops at night, you’ll need these pants for romantic beachside strolls.


Basic Tees are often seen to be paired with shorts on the beach but if you wanna go and be bold you could wear a simple polo shirt, cotton shirt, patterned or Hawaiian shirt. It’s tough to pull off a Hawaiian shirt on the streets of Manhattan, but on the beach you’ll fit right in.

These outfits will be perfect for your impromptu photo session as well. You will totally look dope wearing it. Try pairing the shirts with a pair of shorts and pants and finish it off with sandals, espadrilles or loafers.


You can never go wrong with pants either day time or night time. Pants are a good beach staple, just make sure that you bring a comfortable one. You could pair some ripped denim with your tee shirt and shoes or sandals.

For a smart casual dinner look, you could wear dark jeans together with your shirt and a pair of good shoes.


These accessories are not only stylish they’re functional. They’ll help keep the sun off your important parts and reduce any sunburn you have when you forget to put on sunscreen because you’ve been having so much fun.

Bring along a baseball cap, bandana, panama hat, or basically any kind of hat looks great on the beach, and of course a killer pair of sunglasses. For extra style points, pair the sunglasses with your outfit based on the decade or style you’re going for.


There are a lot of choices of footwear when you go to the beach. Sandals, espadrilles, and loafers are the common ones. This footwear will go along with any fit you will wear for your day or night plan.

These are so comfortable to wear especially in a hot summer weather.

For more shoes and outfit ideas on what to wear to the beach. Check this article.

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