How to Wear a Cardigan and Look Dapper AF


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How to Wear a Cardigan And Look Cool

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Wear A Basic Shirt Underneath

Your cardigan should be the statement piece, so pick a shirt in a solid color not to distract from your cardigan. I like to wear a plain white tshirt or a denim shirt under my cardigans.

Treat Your Cardigan Like a Jacket

Just imagine your cardigan is a leather jacket. Match it with the rest of your outfit based on this mentality. Also, if you’re doing this make sure you have a thicker cardigan and not a super thin one.

Always Leave The Bottom Button Undone

Just like your blazer with two or more buttons, you always leave the bottom button undone. It makes the outfit more relaxed and looks a hell of a lot better.

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How to Wear a Long Cardigan

A cardigan is nothing more than a jacket, so for a long cardigan keep it unbuttoned. We like a basic colored shirt, plain white or plain black under the long cardigan. Also, we recommend wearing boots with a long cardigan to lengthen your body (since the cardigan will be shrinking it).

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