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How to Dress Like Bobby Axelrod

Dress like a Billionaire

If you want to dress like a man who makes billions then you should be making Bobby Axelrod as your model. From the series Billions, Bobby wears some pricey clothes that will surely make your eyes big. In the series itself, Mr. Axelrod put on sweatshirts that cost more than $2000 which makes his character more efficient and wealthy.

Expensive clothes will surely make you classy and elegant but not always it still depends on how you carry your outfit. Some clothes are cheap yet when you wear it you’ll feel like a true billionaire.

Below is our guide on how to dress like Bobby Axelrod.

Bobby Axelrod Essentials


If you have seen the series Billionaire, for sure you already noticed what Axe likes to wear. He likes to wear cashmere sweater which is quite expensive and has a great quality.
However, if you can’t afford to get those pricey sweaters, then just grab whatever sweater you have in your wardrobe but make sure it’s in a good condition and will make you look classy. It’s still all about how you carry your outfit.

Pull Lagoon Cotton Sweater


A T-shirt is Axe go-to outfit. He has been wearing this piece in a lot of scenes. One shirt that has made a great impact was his Metallica shirt. Henleys and other styles of shirt paired with his perfectly tailored suits and a pair of sneakers make him look cooler. Sure he doesn’t look like a billionaire with this kind of outfits but in the series, he has billions in his account.

So, pair any shirts that you want with a suit pants and finish it off with the sneakers of your choice and add some accessories to upgrade your look.


Suits are basically a good example of dressing like a billionaire. These clothing shows off the elegant and finesse side the wearer. As for Axelrod, grey and blue suits are his options. These color are easy to match with ties and it’s the safest color to wear.

Wear a good pair of black shoes, brogue, derby for a formal look and sneakers for a more casual style.

Ermenegildo Zegna
Blue Unstructured Textured-Cotton Blazer


Wearing coats like Axelrod is quite simple since the coat itself will make you feel like a rich man walking in a freezing weather. Get yourself some cashmere coat with a comfortable shirt inside. Jeans or chinos would be perfect to match with this outfit. Finish it off with suede shoes or sneakers.

Cashmere Coat


The leather jacket is one of the most common jackets that Bobby wears. It gives him a distinct look which makes him more appealing. We all know that leather jackets are popular for its biker and rockstar vibes. You can never go wrong with it. Though, if you’re not a fan of leather jackets then you can always opt for some denim or shearling suede jackets.

Pair it with jeans and sneakers for a great and stylish look.

Selvedge Denim Jacket

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