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25 Best Medium Haircuts for Men

The 25 Best Medium Hairstyles for Men

1. The Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher’s shaggy hair is very beach boy style. Allows any guy with this medium length hair to wash and go.

If you need more inspiration, here is our complete list of 100 mens hairstyles.

2. The Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt’s haircut is a slight relaxed combover. It is a great haircut to have if you want length to your hair, but have it be short enough to style.

3. The Bradley Cooper

His lushes medium length hair is easy to slick back. An easy way to get a little bit of gel and a hairstyle you will be able to dress up or dress down edgy.

4. The James Franco

James Franco care free haircut and hairstyle shows that you can still rock your natural waves in your hair and still look classic. This look allows your everyday man to focus more on their career than your hair.

5. The Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is a very unique style of hair. He brings an old hairstyle to a modern day version with tight sides and a tall top.

6. The Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley known for his signature slicked back hair and high pomp. From the past to now this is one of the classic looks that remains until now and will forever be a classic man’s hairstyle.

7. The Slick Back Zac Efron

Zac Efron’s take on the Elvis Presley slick back pomp is fantastic. It is the hairstyle that every man would want to bring classic take. No matter dressed up or dressed down this hair style works for everything.

8. The Robert Pattinson

This take on a shaggy hair is very similar to Ashton Kutcher’s. Although being longer in length this is a hairstyle that you can’t fix wrong. You give your own flair on this haircut.

9. The Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp’s Shaggy hair is a good look for the bad boy in town. A great look for a guy that wants to put on his motorcycle helmet and drive down the coast.

10. The Derek Hough

The great things about this hairstyle is that it flows. This haircut is great for dancers who dance ballroom. There’s enough length to whip it, but short enough if you want to slick it back.

11. The Tom Welling

Tom Welling is the Superman of TV before, well was. His hairstyle allows for a swooped over shaggy hairstyle. It’s not completely the combover which make it a great hairstyle for a guy.

12. The Justin Long

This hair style is a great cut for someone of slick straight hair. You don’t have to put product in this style hair and just let it flow.

13. The Chord Overstreet

This is a great lick relaxed combover hairstyle. Although this isn’t the typical fresh combover it is a slick brush over is what I would describe it as. A great look for a medium length hair.

14. The Heath Ledger

This proves to guys that you can wear your hair naturally. This is a good medium length hair style that proves that men can work their natural hair and still look good.

15. The Zac Efron

Zac Efron’s older days with his shaggy medium hair makes this care free look very classy. His hairstyle allows all guys to want to grow their hair out.

16. The Matt Smith

This hairstyle allows for guys to have “bangs”. Although it may seem weird for guys to have “bangs” this look really proves that guys can have their hair down across their forehead.

17. The Medium Shaggy Hair

This is a great look for the all american male. A look to grow out your hair go down to the beach and just let the beach hair flow.

18. The Kevin McHale

This hair style is a great hair style for guys who just want to keep a stylized relaxed haircut. Low maintenance but great look for guys.

19. The Andy Samberg

This is the wild haircut for men. It’s the hairstyle that you have where it takes wake up and just go. It is the definitely the definition of bed head.

20. The John Kransinski

This male haircut is a great hairstyle for those who don’t mind a relaxed look. It is a shaggy combover that doesn’t look back slicked to the side.

21. The John Henderson

This hairstyle is a classic european haircut combover. If you are starting off with super long hair and looking for a great haircut to have this would be a great style to go for.

22. The Marty Deeks

This is the hairstyle I would call Beach Bum Shaggy hair.

23. The Sean William Scott

This is a great hairstyle for the mature man. Something for someone who wants to carry a comb around and go in ready for a business meeting.

24. The Blake Jenner

This hairstyle is a great hairstyle for the casual male. A hairstyle that will allow you to brush aside and still look good.

25. The Marshall Allman

This hairstyle is  the typical young mans hairstyle. Very laid back and casual.

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