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If You Want to Grow Your Hair Out, Follow The Example of These Leading Men

25 Best Long Hairstyles for Men

1. The Chris Hemsworth

This hairstyle is the typical bad boy hairstyle. The look that allows the man bun to be oh so prevalent on Instagram.
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2. The Brad Pitt

This Brad Pitt look is the look that is the carefree look. This look requires no product but just a brush.

3. The David Guetta

David Guetta is a famous DJ and with all the tours it is no reason why his hair is the way it is. From party to party this is the hair style that requires absolutely no maintenance but to make sure you wash it.

4. The Tom Cruise

This hairstyle is a great take on the old school hair style for men. Although it isn’t seen everywhere now the older generation may be seen with it.

5. The Joe Manganiello

The great thing about having long hair in today’s generation is that a lot of girls are attracted to this grungy look. Especially after Sons of Anarchy this long hair bad boy look is what girls are going crazy over.

6. The Johnny Depp

This is a great look on guys all around. It is a good care free relaxed look that will allow guys to wear their hair naturally.

7. The Biker Long Hair

This greasy slick back long hair is an easy tamable hair style. Although most guys would not wait that long for their hair to grow out, this is a hairstyle to brush your hair through.

8. The Jared Leto

This is a great hairstyle that shows that you can have color in your hair for a man and have it still look masculine. This look is a great look for the guys who want a “high fashion” look to their hair.

9. The Keanu Reeves

This is the hairstyle that for any guy with long hair will almost seem a bit goth. This a great hairstyle that requires absolutely no maintaining but to make sure that it it clean.

10. The Hugh Jackman

This haircut for guys with long hair is a hairstyle that would be more described as a shaggy look. This is a very low taming hair.

11. The Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne has a very distinct look and many will know him for his long dark hair that just naturally falls. This is a great look for the care free rock and roll guy who doesn’t want to any trouble maintaining their hair.

12. The Jack Black

This signature Jack Black hair cut is a very shaggy look. This is a look where you wake up shower an go.

13. The Kidd Rock

This men’s hairstyle is a signature hairstyle known on Kidd Rock. Simple sleek hair worn naturally down.

14. The Harry Styles

Today’s generation really embraces their hair naturally. This hair style is a carefree little product if any haircut to get if you are the guy who is on the go.

15. The Style Shaggy Hair

After growing you hair out get it styled just like this. This is a great way for a guy to get his long hair “styled” and textured. All needed is a blow dryer to dry our hair and let it flow.

16. The Keith Urban

This is haircut is made as a specific look . This look may not be for everyone however if you are able to have the bangs as a guy and have the styled hair this is a great haircut for you.

17. The Christian Bale


Christian Bale really makes having long hair look great. This hairstyle really shows the natural form of hair at its finest. This allows a man to grow out his hair and wear it naturally.

18. The Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas really kept his long signature hair while in his Jonas Brothers band. This look may not suit every guy however if you go to the right barber this is a great haircut to give you a natural flowing hair.

19. The Bounty Hunter

This look is very signature to only a particular type of men. Long wavy natural hair that grow out past your shoulders. This is hair you need to make sure you condition and keep clean. Editor’s Note: Please don’t ever let this happen to your hair.  It’s just horrible.

20. The Billy Ray Cyrus

This is the old school Billy Ray Cyrus look. Although mullets aren’t “in” it is a signature hairstyle to appreciate from history.  Editor’s Note: There is a reason Billy Ray’s daughter found more success than him despite his Achey Breakey Heart, and that is his awful hair.  Anyone else realizing we were worse off in the 90’s than we thought?

21. The Fabio

The man who is the fairytale prince to every woman. This hairstyle is something that is only seen in fairytales and probably the rare one in a million everyday man. Although what makes this such a great hairstyle for men is if you are able to pull off a blow out like this, it would make a great topic starter and definitely capture everyones attention.

22. The Owen Wilson

The hairstyle is where the sides are shorter than the top, but just allowed it to grow out.

23. The Keanu Reeves

What is so great about long hair is that there is very little maintaining needed to be done and truly shows the confidence a guy has if he is able to pull it off.

24. The Ashton Kutcher

This long hair style pulled off my Ashton Kutcher is a great hairstyle that is very basic, but very effective in looks. It just needs the brush to make sure it isn’t tangled and the little slick back to the hair behind the ears.

25. The Pirate

A lot of people may say this is a a very dirty look, but sometimes that is good. Grungy pirate hairstyle is what this is and although it may look weird down the man bun is what is in right now.

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