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25 Best Curly Haircuts for Men


25 Best Curly Hairstyles for Men

1. The Russell Brand

Russell Brand known for his signature curly natural hair worn down, this is a great rocker look for men. Requiring very little maintenance and easy to wear down or even in a bun.

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2. The James Holt

This is a great hairstyle for a guy who has very tight curly hair and how to wear it down. Although it may need some maintaining and some product in it, it ends up being a great look for curly hair men.

3. The Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas shows that even with curly hair it is tamable. This is a great look for guys who don’t mind using a blow dryer and some product to give them a great combover for a date night.

4. The Kevin Jonas

Kevin Jonas is a guy with really tight curls. This hair may not suit every guy, but for someone with curly hair is a great style to try at least once.

5. The Shia LaBeouf

This long curly hair is a great grungy look for a guy. It kind of messy, but also has a sense of being sleek and classy.

6. The Curly Split Hair

With some curly hair men the long it get it will straighten out near the roots and stay curly at the ends. This is a hairstyle that you want to make sure you have the patience and product to keep in tact.

7. The Matthew Morrison
100-Best-Hairstyles-Curly-Haircut- matthew-morrison

This is a great hair style for for guys with curly hair who want to try the shorter hair route, but don’t know what to do. it is a natural carefree hairstyle that run a little bit of hair product to give it that red carpet shine and it will be good to go.

8. The Danny Masterson100-Best-Hairstyles-Curly-Haircut-danny-masterson

This curly hairstyle is a great look for guys with super tight hair curls. Get a short hair cut and wear it naturally.

9. The Brody Jenner

You don’t need to have a lot of money to get this great curly hairstyle. Just get a blowdryer, some product and any guy with curly/wavy hair will be able to have this look.

10. The Corbin Bleu

This is a great look for guys who have ethnic hair. A great look that you can have it as big or as little as you want.

11. The Loose Curl Slick Back100-Best-Mens-Long-Haircut-loose-slick-back

This show that you can still have slick back hair with curly hair. The hair just turns more into waves, but give your hair a textured look that will be unique compared to others.

12. The Carrot Top

Carrot Top is known for his wildly crazy red/orange natural long hair. This look is great for someone who is bold and likes standing out.

13. The Seth Rogan

This is the look for the boy next door with curly hair. It is sweet and yet very easy to maintain on a regular basis and able to get at a barber shop.

14. The Curly Fro

This is the natural hair that just like the medium/long length hair when grown out it is just the curly hair the is swooped to the side. A classic look for someone with long curly hair.

15. The Jonah Hill

This is a great hairstyle for the guy with super tight small curls. Easy to maintain with a little product and a blow dryer.

16. The Antonio Banderas

This curly hair look is for the guy who wants to have short curly hair. This look is sleek, classy and great on any gentleman.

17. The Darren Criss

This is a great look for the curly hair guy who wants to grow out their hair and have it styled. This look require putting in product while your hair is damp and let it dry naturally.

18. The Josh Groban

This is a haircut style that requires a specific haircut. It is natural, but away from the face. This hair cut is for the guy with curly hair who doesn’t mind framing out his face with his hair.

19. The Adam Brody

This curly hair hairstyle is a great style for curly hair men. As it is hard for curly hair men to set their hair to sit in a certain way this shows it is possible. Go to the right barber and use the right products and you will get the Hollywood look.

20. The Usher

Usher has very tiny small tight curls and wear it completely short. A clean look and clean take on the short hair look.

21. The Andy Samberg

This hairstyle is for the class clown goofball. Although it may not work on everyone, it is for someone who is carefree.

22. The Old School Justin Timberlakebest-mens-curly-haircuts-justin-timberlake

Although Justin Timberlake doesn’t have this look anymore, it is a classic hairstyle that is always going to be noticed and recognized anywhere.

23. The Will Farrell

This is a great curly hair look for someone who is starting to have a receding hair line. This is a great look that is maintainable for every man.

24. The Kenny G100-best-hairstyles-curly-haircut-kenny-g

The perfect curly long hair may at times be difficult ot get, but is great when achieved. This would require a lot of practice and a perfect hair stylist to go to, but it is the type of product used that will make this hair shine or look bland.

25. The Ryan Phillippe

The classic Hollywood clean haircut. This hairstyle is a great style for someone who has curly hair, but doesn’t want to maintain with ALL the curls. Show that if cut short enough you will be able to have your natural hair, but with each maintenance.

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