Make Women Fall at Your Knees with Nine Fragrance by American Crew


It might sound a bit strange but scientists have proved that what really attracts the opposite sex is your scent. For that reason American Crew put years of research and chemistry in to finding out just which fragrances attract the ladies to the gentlemen and developed Nine – a premium fragrance for men that will make women swoon.

Testing proved that nine out of ten women liked Nine, a balanced scent between apple and lavender with a touch of coriander that gives the fragrance a bit of spice. For that fresh and seductive aroma that attracts the fairer sex musk and amber make a great couple. The combination of scents make for an irresistible fragrance. So there you go, it all comes down to science and creating that perfect formula of scents that all come together in American Crew’s Nine fragrance.

Find out where to get your Nine fragrance.

american crew - Nine Fragrance 2

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