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How to Wear a Summer Suit to a Wedding: Men’s Style Guide


I love Summer.

Being from South Florida, pretty much every month was Summer expect for January, so my wardrobe was built completely around staying cool when it’s hot outside.

Since I’ve moved to New York, space has gotten more limited, and my Summer wardrobe has taken a big hit.

I’ve had to figure out what pieces I need to ditch and which ones I definitely need to keep.

Part of that process has been investing in a new Summer Wedding Suit. These are the outfits and tips I’ve learned from my Summer Wedding shopping experience.

Here’s some quick hit advice on summer suiting:

  • Your suiting fabric should be cotton, linen or seersucker to keep you cool
  • Crop and taper your pant legs to let your ankles catch the breeze
  • Invest in the best no show socks that stay on your feet
  • Go for loafers that are lightweight, preferably in suede to keep your feet light and airy

Now here’s the rest of the outfit inspiration for men’s Summer wedding style.

Men’s Summer Wedding  Suit Inspiration

Summer weddings are guaranteed to be fun in the sun. We suggest for various lightweight men’s summer suits for wedding-one is created for an actual heat and the other one is for light, with a high chance of rainfall.

Best Men’s Suit for Weddings at Home

If you wish to have a home wedding, consider the space of the area. The great thing about home wedding is you have to be flexible and get things ready that are needed in advance. Advance planning, choosing and buying of suits and dress codes if possible.

Men’s Suits for Summer City Weddings

Considering, you’re in the town and will likely be off somewhere prestigious, so keep everything good and conventional in a dress suit. Try to go for a navy suit, you just can’t fail as they’re one of the best wedding matches around.

Men’s Suits for Summer Country Weddings

Country weddings are becoming progressively popular. We suggest wearing a sand suit or bright beige to maintain its formality as it would be a hotter and warmer day.

Best Men’s Suits for Weddings Abroad

It’s not that easy to adjust in a foreign country, right? For weddings abroad, we might suggest for your advance research about the location specifically the country’s matters to put into consideration. Don’t forget to purchase suits which make you feel comfortable and relax.

Men’s Suits for Summer Beach Weddings

Ever imagined of saying your wedding vows on the sand this summer? For beach wedding, it’s obviously essential to remain awesome while still looking smart, but you need to have a right poise and stability.

The best summer men’s suits for beach wedding is linen which gives you a fresh and cool look under the heat of the sun, it would be the best choice for formal dress wear. Probably you’re wondering about the foot wear, since it’s a beach wedding, espadrilles to loafers are suitable in most situations.

Best Ties for Summer Weddings

For more elegant and unforgettable summer wedding, pair your wedding suit with a classic summer tie. To stay cool, make sure you stash your wool ties and go for a cotton, linen or silk tie like these from Tie Bar.

Things to Consider When Buying a Summer Wedding Suit


Discovering your venue could very well be the most challenging part of the planning procedure, as it will be the most important choice you make, considering with respect to the location’s legal restrictions on what you can dress during wedding ceremonies.

Since it will be a summer wedding, we suggest considering to buy a white linen or cotton suit and a lightweight and comfortable fabrics of dark coat to give you a stylish and sophisticated look.

What Time Is The Wedding?

Time is also important in planning wedding ceremonies. Considering the night time atmosphere might be a little cold, so you need to plan on what suit to buy.

And if it be held during the day, it would be hotter and might be uncomfortable for you, so remember to wear a lightweight suit. and lastly in foot wear, be ensured to buy lightweight shoes made from breathable materials.

What Is The Weather Going to Be Like?

Consider also the weather when buying some summer wedding suit.

We suggest researching the location’s weather in order to decide what type of wedding suit you will be wearing on the wedding day.

Is it going to be hot, but dry? Or hot and humid?

Final Thoughts: How to Choose a Summer Wedding Suit

In choosing a summer wedding suit, cotton or linen are your best choices as they will give you comfort and coolness all day long.

For summer suits, I like to crop the pant leg shorter so it allows your ankles to breathe. If you do this, I also recommend tapering the pant leg so your suit looks blended into your leg.

Lastly, make sure that you’ve got yourself some slip-on socks to show off your ankle and also let the breeze come in.

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