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This is the reason I went from $20 shirts to $200 — and haven’t looked back

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Have you ever wondered why simple t shirts are so expensive? Growing up I could never afford to buy any of the expensive brands and would always shop at TJMaxx and could never find anything in my size (small is slim Pickens at the Maxx).

Once I got a job and started having some disposable cash, and could afford the more expensive brands, I still wouldn’t justify it. Only 10 years after college do I finally understand why it’s actually a better investment to buy high quality pieces of clothing.

I bought my original shirt about 3 years ago, and the exact style is no longer around, but I found a similar print from O&S’ online store below.

Mr. Porter has a great selection of floral shirts as well.

Ovadia & Sons Floral Shirt Review

The pattern matches up when buttoned

It’s a button down shirt with a print, and unlike what you’ll see at Zara (or the maxx) the print actually lines up correctly when it’s buttoned up… think about how much extra effort goes into producing a shirt like this where the fabric matches up and it doesn’t have mismatching pieces.

It takes me a good 10 minutes to make my bed and make sure the sheets line up so I appreciate this type of real craftsmanship.

The fabric is super comfortable

Also, the cotton fabric is super comfortable. It was 90 degrees in Miami and I still felt cool based on the fabric, which is a result of finding higher quality varieties of the cotton Plant and procuring fabric only from these plants (which jacks up the production costs).

This is a timeless design

The final reason I see this shirt as a good investment is because I wear it everywhere. I took it to the @oceanviewclub @maradentrocabo and plan to take it with me on many adventure to come. So if amortize this shirt it costs me maybe $20 per trip.

You can buy shirts like this for 70% off

Finally, of course I didn’t pay full price for this. I bought it from one of @mrporterlive two sales they do per season. They actually have a sale now, link is in bio. Hopefully you guys can find an investment worthy piece of your own.

Mr. Porter 70% off Sale.

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