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How to Dress Like Travis Scott: Men’s Style Guide

Travis Scott is a Houston rapper who is famous with his music and for his fashion. He is now one of the best fashion icon in this generation. Scott worked with some high end brands like Louis Vuitton, Nike, YSL, Supreme and many more.

He is named as on of the best dressed starts just like Kanye West and ASAP Rocky. Fans love his rock style look that even in his concerts they dress just like him.

The best thing about his style is that you can easily attain it since his clothes are totally accessible in the market.

How to Wear Joggers Like Travis Scott

Travis Scott always go for joggers. Vetements and Gosha Rubchinskiy are his favorite brands. Joggers usually can be paired with anything since men prefer to wear more relaxed and comfy outfit.

How to Wear Denim Like Travis Scott

Travis has a pretty good sense of style when it comes to denim. He is known for making his outfit simple by pairing denim shirt or a jacket with jeans. A T-shirt and a pair of sneakers are also a good choice and add some bling blings around your neck to complete the look. You can go with a double denim look and paired it with some neutral color shirts.

How to Wear Camo Like Travis Scott

if we are talking about camo, Travis is a big fan of it. He often wears a Vetements camouflage jacket and leave the rest of his clothing simple. He let the camo do the talking on how cool is his outfit. He even likes to play with color like olive green hoodies.

How to Wear Oversize Jackets Like Travis Scott

Oversize jackets are popular nowadays since it’s pretty easy and comfy to wear. It adds a whole new effect to your outfit. Travis Scott loves to wear this jackets from Balenciaga and Ventements. He likes wearing it off his shoulder. Though be careful on choosing the jacket of your choice. Don’t go with the one that looks too big on you, choose the one that is just a few sizes over and still fits in it’s appropriate places.

How to Wear Hoodies Like Travis Scott

Travis Scott is an avid fan of street wear fashion, so he is fond of wearing hoodies paired with his joggers or jeans. He has a pretty good collection of Supreme hoodies. Too avoid being under-dressed, try matching up your hoodies with a good pair of jeans and trainers rather than joggers.

How to Wear Pink Jacket Like Travis Scott

If there’s a unique piece of clothing in Scott’s closet, it’s the pink shearling jacket from L’Wren. He just keep it plain by going in to one color statement. If you don’t have a pink hoodie or jacket you can have another option like a pink shirt.

How to Wear Jeans Like Travis Scott

If he’s not rocking a ripped denim jeans then you will see him wearing leather jeans. He commonly matches it with a shirt and layer it with hoodies, sweatshirts or flannel shirts and his choice of sneakers.

How to Wear a Hat Like Travis Scott

Travis is commonly seen wearing a Rodeo Cap that is exclusively included in his tour merch. He uses it during concerts or on a casual basis. Caps are simple and so easy to wear, it goes really well when you are wearing jeans, a shirt, a jacket and a pair of sneakers.

How to Wear Sneakers Like Travis Scott

Scott’s can always be seen in a pair of Nike sneakers especially in his concerts where he just loves to jump and with this you need a high quality and comfortable shoes. He is also the new face of Nike’s newest design sneakers, the Air Vapormax style. Aside from Nike, he also wears pairs from Adidas Yeezy collection and some Vans.

How to Wear T-Shirts Like Travis Scott

One of Travis favorite shirt to wear is from Supreme where he was seen wearing it most of the time. He has various colors of it. He have shirts from Balenciaga where he put on together with his pair jeans, sneakers and with some camo jacket or flannels. Shirts are the most basic piece of clothing that go better with every single thing.

How to Wear Sunglasses Like Travis Scott

Sunglasses are always present in everybody’s collection. Travis Scott likes wearing a pair from Louis Vuitton x Supreme collection sunglasses where he was seen wearing it in Paris Men’s Fashion Week. If you can’t afford such sunglasses, there are affordable pairs in various stores, you can pick your desired sizes and styles.

How to Wear Watches Like Travis Scott

Scott has a great collection of luxurious watches. He even posted a picture on Instagram wearing his new Rolex  watch. He uses it whenever he likes. His watches match his outfit from basic to formal wears. Watches looks good on guys since it adds appeal to whoever wears it and watch is also a symbol of elegance.

How to Wear Sandals Like Travis Scott

Sandals are one of the most comfortable footwear that even Travis wears it a bit usual. He has been seen wearing a pair of Louis Vuitton sandals which is one of his favorite together with his joggers or jeans, shirt and a pair of black socks.

How to Wear Chain Necklaces Like Travis Scott

Chains are common accessories that every rapper has but Travis Scott has some cool collection of these accessories. He even has a Rodeo chain set with his logo pendant that each of his fans want. He also loves the chains that are from Nick Bhindi, he even showed off his new chain in one of his social media.

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