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How Dress Like Nolan Gould: Copy The Outfits He Wore on Modern Family

Nolan Gould is known for his character in the hit TV series Modern Family. However aside from his funny role in the series, Nolan has also a good taste in fashion.

The young actor often wears simple and comfortable outfit whether he is on set, attending a party or in a red carpet.

He was often seen wearing clothes from different brands like :

  • Vans
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Adidas

and many more. You can try checking below on how he dresses up the check your wardrobe and rock your simple get up like Nolan.

How to Wear Shirts Like Nolan Gould

Nolan Gould shirts can easily be paired with pants or even shorts. He wears simple shirts in a normal day and if not he is commonly seen in flannels or short sport sleeve shirts.

How to Wear Pants Like Nolan Gould

Nolan has seen wearing denim and chino pants in a normal day or even on the set of The Modern family. He pairs his pants with different kind of shirts and sneakers.

How to Wear Denim Jackets Like Nolan Gould

Denim shirts can also be seen in Nolan’s wardrobe, he pairs his denim shirts or jackets with his shirts and pants and finishes it with a pair of sneakers and a cap. You can also wear a colored denim jacket to make your style look   different.

How to Wear Suits Like Nolan Gould

When it comes to suits, Nolan likes to wear the normal black suit with bow tie. He pairs it with his black shoes or loafers, sometimes he even wear the top coat with his shirts and denim pants.

How to Wear Flannels Like Nolan Gould

Gould wears flannels often even on screen and it really suits him. He wears it with his plain or printed shirts, pants and sneakers. You can try closing it up or try to let it stay unbuttoned, you can also try tying it around your waist to make your get up unique.

How to Wear Sneakers Like Nolan Gould

Nolan usually wears various types of Vans sneakers with his get up. These sneakers can go along with everything even in the simplest outfit you will have like a denim pants and shirts, you can also wear it with shorts to make you look comfy.

How to Wear Accessories Like Nolan Gould

When it comes to accessories, Nolan has been seen wearing beanies, caps and even sunglasses. He adds these pieces with his simple outfit. We all know that these accessories bring extra swag in to the outfit you’re wearing.

How to Wear Shorts Like Nolan Gould

Nolan likes to wear shorts whether in the set or in normal day. He has worn shorts multiple of times paired with his shirts and sneakers or even slippers.

We can’t deny that shorts are comfortable and this piece of clothing can go with anything. It’s a good choice of get up especially in hot summer season.

How to Wear Hoodies Like Nolan Gould

Gould often wears simple kind of hoodies, he layers i with his shirts and paired it with jeans. Try various colors of hoodies to look more attractive since colors carries the outfit as well.

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