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How to Dress Like Kanye West: Men’s Style Guide

Kanye West is a total boss when it comes to his fashion. He makes his own statement and he dresses to impress no one but himself.

His favorite brands include Balmain, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Hermès, Polo Ralph Lauren, Celine, and The Gap. Adidas, Nike, Timberland and Chelsea’s can also be added on the list.

He launched his own clothing line Yeezy in 2013  and today he’s on his third fashion release.

Probably most of us can’t manage to buy those costly outfits but we can totally get a some cue from the man himself on how to get up just like him by following how he dresses using not so costly substitute.

Kayne West’s net worth is estimated at $145 million.

How to Wear T-shirts Like Kanye West

Kanye prefers his T-shirts as simple as possible like a white T-shirt and some longline shirt. He also wears a bit camo but not going so much with textures and colors.

He likes to overlay his plain shirts with patterned shirts, jackets or some hoodies.

How to Wear Denim Jackets Like Kanye West

Wearing a denim jacket will add more appeal to your get-up. As for Kanye, he likes to wear bright color denim jackets paired with his jeans and boots. He also likes to go double denim.

How to Wear Leather Jackets Like Kanye West

Kanye loves the idea of wearing leather. He was even caught wearing a leather pants though wearing it in a hot day is not a good idea. He was also seen wearing a jacket paired with his hoodie or shirt and a trainers.

We all know leather jackets do it’s own trick and make you look more appealing.

How to Wear Bomber Jackets Like Kanye West

Bomber Jackets are totally included in Kanye’s wardrobe. He wears it with his shirt, jeans and some trainers and he owns various kinds of bomber jackets and likes to wear it every time.

As we all know bomber jackets never go out of style, you can have it in different styles and colors.

How to Wear Coats Like Kanye West

Kanye likes to push the limit of what’s popular in fashion world especially with his choice of coats. He uses his coats even in his casual look.

If you want to add some puzzlement into your outfit a long, extensive coat will do.

How to Wear Suits Like Kanye West

Attending an A-lister party is so common with celebrities and Kanye West totally knows how to obtain a good fashion entrance.

He always make sure to have a fancy and designer suits on hand. With a bow-tie or not Kanye knows how to carry himself with this outfit.

You can definitely play with the tones and colors of your suits and wear it with confidence.

How to Wear Hoodies Like Kanye West

Hoodies are too mainstream for Kanye, since this clothing is always present in him. He likes to layer it with his casual shirts or even with a leather jacket.

West has been spotted wearing I Feel like Pablo hoodies which is from his own clothing line Yeezy.

How to Wear a Kimono Like Kanye West

West has been spotted wearing a Kimono style jacket from Louis Vuitton and we know not every guy can pull up a kimono but if you’re brave enough like Kanye, you can totally wear it with your dark pants, white shirt and a pair of sneakers.  Wearing this piece will make your style more unique.

How to Wear Jeans  Like Kanye West

When it comes to jeans, the singer likes to wear jeans in various colors. He is known for wearing bright color jeans like light blue or even lighter and he matches his jeans with same tone shirts, whether it’s plain or printed.

How to Wear Sunglasses Like Kanye West

Raybans are one of Kanye’s favorite. He likes to wear clear and dark sunglasses, he also love to look more classic by wearing Aviators. You just have to play with the styles or choose your desired frames and shades to look way better.

How to Wear Sneakers Like Kanye West

For Kanye, he keeps the colors of his trainers match his jeans. He wears darker shoes when his using black jeans and lighter color when he’s wearing blue or white jeans.

West has his own collection of trainers (Adidas x Yeezy) from his clothing line. He also likes to wear Nike sneakers.

How to Wear Boots Like Kanye West

Chelsea boots and Timberland boots are Kanye’s favorite. Lighter tone boots are what he enjoys wearing especially when he is in dress down.

You can rock these boots by matching it with all black outfit or light jeans and some shirts.

Kanye doesn’t really follow any rules when it comes to his fashion style, you just have to be bold with your look.

How to Get Kanye West’s Hairstyle

When it comes to hair Kanye has his natural black color but when it comes to changing a new hairstyle, Kanye was once spotted with a brighter hair color.

Earlier this year he dyed his hair white platinum blond which is the lightest color he had and he just naturally carry it off.

You can also try a darker shade of blond or the color of your choice, but make sure the color you choose matches your skin tone.

How to Layer Like Kanye West

Kanye trusted piece of clothing when it comes to layering are his sweatshirts that is from his own clothing line Yeezy. Another thing he consider is a hoodie which he usually wear in his daily outfit.

West chooses to wear shorter jackets ( denim or leather ) over longer T- shirts.

Layering is so easy to achieve. Try to pick your basics and a good sweatshirt that matches each others tone. This style would totally look good if you want to feel comfy.

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