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How to Dress Like Mad Men’s Don Draper: Men’s Outfit Guide for 50s & 60s Style

Mad Men is a hit TV series back in the 60’s and it suddenly made noise in the fashion world. Well, thanks to Don Draper, the character in the series played by Jon Hamm. Draper’s style is outstanding that a lot of today’s generation men want to copy.

Before the 60’s clothing changed the fashion back then is fine and elegant for both men and women. This perfectly represents Draper’s style that is worth copying.

Read below for some suggestions on how to copy this iconic style.

How to Wear Suits Like Don Draper

Don Draper is known for wearing suits, and his favorite is American classic suits. Nothing is really special about his suit, no patterns or unique design that’s why it’s too easy to have his look.

You just have to make people see that no matter how simple the suit looks, you still look good in it. Carry your suit with attitude and don’t let the suit itself distract the way you look.

There are few things you need to consider if you want to look like Don Draper in a suit:

First, you need to have your suit in different shades since Draper wears different shades of suits but doesn’t lose the effect of the colors. You can also have neutral colors, and Dony has been seen a lot in dark gray suit. So, if you want to have that Draper look, you can totally choose this color.

Second, is the blazer. Draper wears a slim cut blazer and usually a single breasted one. It is commonly matched with a white shirt and a tie. This will make the wearer looks tall and supreme. If you choose to wear the classic American style, its two pockets define how simple it is.

The Breast Pocket

Breast pocket holds a nice and stylish pocket square and since Draper likes to keep this as simple as possible, he prefers to have a flat pocket square with a clean and straight edge handkerchief.

You can also be different, you can play with colors and details to make it noticeable and if you want to keep the tonal look, you can try going for a darker color.

How to Wear Ties Like Don Draper

Most ties that Draper’s wear is either textured pattern, stripes or just in one color. he chooses the ties that matched his suit. These preferences make your look more natural.

Draper is hardly seen wearing bright colored or strong patterned ties but if you want to be more stylish and go beyond that you can wear these type of ties but make sure that your suit and your tie complement each other.

How to Wear Coats Like Don Draper

Draper wears different coats, one that is really popular is his high collared tan trench coat. He wears his coat with a different color from his suit, these colors make him stand out in the crowd.

If you are wearing a dark gray suit then you can try matching it with a brown trench coat and if you want to wear a brown suit then you can use a coat darker than it.

How to Wear Shirts Like Don Draper

Another piece of clothing that Don Draper wears perfectly is his shirt. He often wears white shirt since he is always seen in a suit. If not in his classic white shirt then he is wearing some patterned or collared one.

He pairs this with his trousers and shoes. Note that Don Draper wears his shirt tucked in. So you might get the same look just like him by doing so.

How to Wear Pants Like Don Draper

Don Draper wears pants that complement his suit or shirt. He is commonly seen wearing gray and black pants paired with his polished shoes. When you’re trying to wear pants make sure it’s well tailored and doesn’t look like you just got out from your father’s closet.

How to Wear Hats Like Don Draper

When it comes to hats, Don Draper chooses Fedoras and he was seen wearing it most of the time. He likes his fedora in brown since it matches almost all his suits. He also wears a gray hat in one of the episodes of Mad Men.

Fedora hats can add some appeal to your outfit and will make you look manly and elegant.

How to Wear Shoes Like Don Draper

We rarely see Draper’s shoes but when we do it’s precisely polished and spotless. He wears an Oxford polished shine shoes that match his outfit. Black shoes are good for formal attire so make sure to treat your shoes, have it cleaned and polished to make sure it looks great. Good shoes take you anywhere after all.

How to Wear Accessories Like Don Draper

Sunglasses, belts, and watches are the common accessories Don Draper wears. These pieces add elegance to his outfit. He wears watches from various brands like Rolex, Omega, and Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso. These are some expensive timepieces but you can still wear any watches you like as long as it matches your outfit.

For sunglasses, Draper wears the Aviator model from Randolph Engineering Sunglasses. The shape of these sunglasses flaunts Draper angular features.

Don is known for wearing belts instead of suspenders. He has been seen wearing slim belts that nowadays is known as women’s belt but who cares as long as it looks good on you then wear it. He pairs his belt with his black shoes and slim ties.


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