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Life, Tailored Worthy Fall Staples: Things to Make Your Autumn Better

I enjoying sipping on Folgers®, as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #FolgersFans

There are few things better than the cool breeze of a fall day. If you disagree, then we simply aren’t friends. I’m sorry.

Along with the changing leaves comes the option for jackets and sweaters, jeans, boots, hot coffee, and not sweating through your suit on your morning commute. We’re looking forward to many aspects of the season to come, but some definitely outweigh the others.

Here is our list of must haves to make your fall that much better.

A sweater worth wearing


You don’t have to be Mr. Rogers to rock a sweater in the fall, but you should take his cues and look towards the cardigan.

Reach for something with a shawl collar that fits just loosely enough. You can do sweaters preppy, or you can do them as a logical afterthought, looking like you just grabbed it on your way out the door. We prefer the ladder option.

Go for something like this from The Gap. It’s easy, ,minimal, and will go with damn near anything.

Sneakers that don’t suck


Fall is the perfect time for some fresh white sneakers. The snow hasn’t landed yet, there isn’t nearly as much rain as the spring, and it adds a little bit of bright, cleanliness to an overall toned down fall wardrobe.

Go for something minimal, sneakers are already pretty casual, no need to also make them only work with one outfit. The extra frills and designs just complicate things more often than not. We suggest something like this from Asics, available at Asos.com.

Coffee worth drinking


It’s hard enough to get out of bed just knowing you have to go to work, but when the temperature drops it’s that much more difficult. What gets us out of bed in the morning? Folgers® Gourmet Selections. 

Folgers® Gourmet Selections comes in multiple ridiculously delicious flavors, including Caramel Drizzle®, and my personal favorite, Vanilla Biscotti. This is hands down the best flavored at home coffee we’ve ever tasted. And now we’re officially hooked. 

Check out the entire line of Gourmet Selections here, and improve your autumn in just one sip.


Plus, if you’re drinking delicious coffee, you have an excuse to have a cool coffee mug, which immediately gives you a few style points. Up your hot beverage sipping game, and check out one of these to pour your Folgers® deliciousness in.

A versatile, light jacket


Fall is the perfect time to show off your jacket game, but odds are you already have a nice topcoat for work, and you (should) have a leather jacket for when you feel like showing off your inner badass. But you need something in between that can work for all occasions.

This windbreaker from Maison Kitsuné is that jacket. 

It’s super casual, allowing you to wear it out without looking like you tried too hard, but it’s also Maison Kitsuné, so no one can dare to call you a scrub. Jackets like this, while they seem simple, will get used more than anything else in your closet, and they’re definitely worth the investment.

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