Ledbury Core Collection Bundle: Save up to $300 on Spring Shirts


Ledbury Core Collection Bundle (4)

Spring is just around the corner and according to Ledbury it’s time to stock up on shirts. For the occasion Ledbury gathered their favorites into a Core Collection and made a special offer especially for all the fans of casual and dress shirts. The bundle offer will save you $75 on 3 shirts, $150 on 5 shirts and $300 on & shirts from the Core Collection. Promotion only lasts till Tuesday 25th of February.

Follow this link and get $25 Off your first purchase at Ledbury.

Ledbury Core Collection Bundle - pink easton check - everitt oxford - black parker ginghamThe Pink Easton Check $135
The White Everitt Oxford $125
The Black Parker Gingham $135

Ledbury Core Collection Bundle - the brown walsh hundstooth - brown shelby corduroy - collins benimThe Brown Walsh Houndstooth $145
The Brown Shelby Corduroy $135
The Collins Denim $135

Ledbury Core Collection Bundle - pink crowley twill plaid - bannon twill - green and pink archer plaidThe Pink Crowley Twill Plaid $135
The Bannon Twill Plaid $135
The Green and Pink Archer Plaid $155

Ledbury Core Collection Bundle - navy holden dot - blue box check spread - micro hundstoothThe Navy Holden Dot $155
The Blue Box Check Spread $125
The Blue Micro Houndstooth $135

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