How to Buy Vintage Cufflinks That Will Have Everyone Asking Where You Got Them


I have been wanting to share some more of my suit-wearing tips with all of you for a while now, and the addition of this Indochino suit to my wardrobe seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so.

While the suit itself is always important, the quality of the cufflinks on the suit is actually of just about equal importance. I’ve had countless pairs of cheap cufflinks over the years and am constantly either losing them or just throwing them away because they lacked quality. So, with the purchase of this new suit for a wedding that I was attending, I decided that I was going to invest in a cufflink brand that had reliability and quality behind it: Louis Vuitton.

And for those of you who know me, you already know that I would never pay full price — not even for Louis Vuitton. First of all, it’s a ripoff. Secondly anybody can walk into a store and buy a pair of expensive cuff links.

What makes Life, Tailored unique is that our style is about more than just expensive gear. I bought these vintage cufflinks from a seller in Japan on eBay. I got them at a discount because they were a bit tarnished. Once I got them home, I threw both cufflinks in a glass of ketchup.

The vinegar in the ketchup helps polish the silver, believe it or not. After 10 minutes of soaking, I cleaned them off and they looked brand new.

So now not only do I have heirloom quality cufflinks, but I have a great story to tell anyone that asks me where I got them.

Cufflinks are items for men, used to secure the cuffs of a particular outfit. They also serve as an accessory for different occasions. The following are guides to wear cufflink a bit more easily, as a novice can find them to be a bit of a hassle.

How to Wear Cufflinks

As you can see, cufflinks are just small things — think of them like a single diamond in one’s necklace. They are a perfect ‘pop’ to accessorize with, but still make an outfit classy and subdued without crossing into gaudy territory.

How to Wear Cufflinks for a Formal Occasion

Cufflinks are specifically work on special occasions. Your cufflinks may change according to the dress suit you’ll wear, and are also dependent on the appropriate occasion and time.  As a rule of thumb, there are two types of formal occasions: black tie, which is slightly less formal, and white tie, which is the most formal evening dress code.

Black Tie or Tuxedo Cufflinks

If your occasion is considered a black tie event, try to choose a typical or classic silver color that suits your dress code’s design and your own unique style. Just try and remember to avoid obscure or funny looking cufflinks, as this will negate the seriousness of the event’s dress code.

White Tie Cufflinks

As I said earlier, white tie is considered the most formal occasion. Try wearing men’s Mother of Pearl cufflinks as these will enhance your suit.

Since not all of us can afford the Mother of Pearl cufflinks, there are many available cheaper cufflinks to choose from that are similar. You just need to do a bit of research!

How to Wear Cufflinks for Work

If you’re working outside the house, I know you have your own dress codes as part of your work regulations. In that case, I’ll tell you how to dress up your sometimes drab office look with a couple of cufflinks.

Cufflinks to Wear with a White Work Shirt

The standard white work shirt is a great base for your cufflinks. Because of your plain and neutral shirt color, you can do whatever style, color and pattern of cufflink you want.

Cufflinks to Wear with a  Blue Work Shirt

When you’re wearing a blue shirt, we recommend going to opposite of the same color spectrum. For example, if you have a light blue shirt on, then go for a cufflink that has a main color of a darker blue to associate with the shirt.

Cufflinks to Wear with a Pink Work Shirt

If you’re wearing a pink shirt, chances are that you’re already pretty fashion forward and comfortable with your sense of style. So why not go for a multi- colored or silver pair of cufflinks to have a great, elegant look?

How to Wear Cufflinks for a Casual Occasion

Are you wondering if you can wear a pair of cufflinks with a casual look?  Well, of course you can! Try to wear a casual stripped shirt and a navy tweed blazer over the top.

For a great result, pair the blazer and shirt with a pair of raw denim jeans and brown loafers and top it off with a pair of classic cufflinks.

When to Wear Cufflinks

When you can and should wear cufflinks is really up to you. It does matter if you wear them in a casual look or for formal occasions as long as you’re comfortable. Just remember to choose and wear cufflinks that associate the style and pattern of your outfit!

How to Put on Cufflinks

As you can see, cufflinks are simple to put on. Once you have the cufflinks that you want to wear, it’s time to get started.

1. Take your cufflinks and position the small bar at the end.

2. Fold up your clothing cuff so that the two gaps meet at the end.

3. Place the studs through the two adjacent gaps.

4. Then simply twist the bar at the end horizontally so it remains secure.

Shirts to Wear with Cufflinks

Somehow, choosing shirts to wear with cufflinks can be a little bit difficult for some. But if you want to try it out, there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind.

Double Cuff or French Cuff Shirt with Cufflinks

The double cuff or French cuff are twice as long as regular cuffs. They can be easily folded back on themselves and closed with cufflinks. They have a very noticeable look. The double cuff is most often used for formal occasions like black tie, but they can be dressed down to wear to work as well.

The Button Cuff or Barrel Cuff with Cufflinks

Barrel Cuffs have simple button closures.  It is used for less formal occasions. Nevertheless, there are plenty of shirts with a double button cuff which can be turned into a shirt cuff that can be worn with cufflinks. Just simply cut the buttons and there you go.

How to Get Personalized Cufflinks

Cufflinks can also be personalized. You can do whatever you want to do with your cufflinks to make them unique and attractive. Most personalized cufflinks are designed from your initials or pictures and add some extra personality to your already individualized style.

What are Cufflinks and How Do Cufflinks Work

Cufflinks are created and designed to secure the cuffs of dress shirts and designed only for use with shirts that have cuffs with buttonholes on both sides but no buttons.

They are usually manufactured from various materials such as glass, stone, leather, metal and other combinations of these. Let me remind you, there are good and bad cufflinks, so it is important that you choose cufflinks according to your style and quality for a better outcome.

What are Silk Knots

As I said earlier, there are various kinds of cufflinks that are manufactured by different materials. One of those styles are silk knots. They’re made of elasticated silk that is placed at the end of your shirt.

What are Studs

Studs are a bit different from cufflinks, but they have the same purpose. Like typical cufflinks, you’ll have a back aspect and a removable top to it. Take the top off and position it through the gaps of your clothing, just like you would with an average cufflink. Secure it with the top once your cufflink is on. Studs are popular and are typically sold right along with common cufflinks, so the choice is totally up to you.

How to Wear Cufflinks

  • First, you need to get the clothing right, so select a proper shirt with either a double cuff, or France cuff or a buttoned cuff.
  • Next phase is to select your studs.
  • Make sure that the cufflink style matches the event and that your cufflinks aren’t somehow inappropriate.
  • Then position them through your shirt.

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