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How to Wear an Overcoat


Overcoats are outerwears which are used in the colder weather and seasons, especially in winter. Sometimes, overcoats mistakenly referred to as topcoats. Both topcoats and overcoats are called outercoats, but there are some differences between the two. Unlike overcoats, topcoats are shorter, they are just above the knee and lightweight. Overcoats are longer, they are below the knee and they are thicker, perfect to protect you from the colder temperature.

Since the late 18th centuries, different types of overcoats have been worn by the military men and the coats became popular again in the early 1900s, British Army used trenchcoats during World War I.

Before, wearing longer outercoats indicated the social status of a person. It could tell either you are a professional or military uniform. As the time passed by, long coats are able to be worn by people of different classes in the society, since then, overcoats have been stylised and became a classic piece of garment specialized to be used in the cold.

Types of Overcoat


Chesterfield overcoat is usually gray or charcoal in color. It doesn’t have waist seams nor front darts, and also it has no cuffs. It is single-breasted and has short notch lapel and the side pockets are designed straight. Consider Chesterfield as a business coat for it can make the outfit look smart.


If you are an outgoing person, then the Ulster coat suit you well. This coat is perfect for traveling in colder months. The collar of Ulster protects the neck from the extreme cold outside.


The modern Paletot is worn as a classic business overcoat. The coat has no belt, it is semi-fitted, and has a flat back. Paletot makes a really versatile garment, you can use it in any formal events.


A waterproof coat used by the miliary during the WWI. It’s a classic garb with useful purpose. Originally, trenches have shoulder tabs, detachable belt, and with cuff straps, but these features seem to be optional nowadays.

Covert Coat

Covert coat is made for hunting and other outdoor activities. The purpose of this coat is to protect the wearer from outdoor mess, like mud and the weather. It is composed of sturdy material, this is the reason why the coat is really heavy. The pockets of Covert coat are spacious that iPad can fit in them.

  • Fit

    Overcoats are not supposed to be too tight. A trimmer fit is a trend for younger men, although a looser fit is nice too.

  • Length

    You can choose either full-length or knee-length coat. A full-length overcoat is warmer and may make you look more respectable, on the other hand, younger guys are into the knee length coat nowadays, it’s more convenient to wear when you are a busy person.

What are the Characteristics of a Quality Overcoat

When you are out there looking for an overcoat, you must not get it only because of how it looks, you should check the quality of the coat too. The overcoat should make you look well and must have a good fit and above all, it should be comfortably warm.

  • Fabric

    If you wish your overcoat to last long, you better choose the one that is made of pure wool and should weigh 4 pounds or more. Durable fabric tends to be heavier which you can wear for a longer time.

  • Sleeves

    The sleeves of the overcoat must extend a little longer running through your arms and must cover up to your wrist.

  • Style

    The style of the overcoat is just a matter of choice, the double-breasted overcoat is best for the cold season, it has double layers of fabric on your chest.

  • Construction

    Overcoats with sewn canvas are high-quality yet it’s quite pricey whereas overcoats with fused canvas are affordable but they are not durable.

Ways to Wear an Overcoat


The overcoat generally makes you look smart, it has a clean-cut image when you add it up with your outfits. Choose the right color of overcoat that will suit best with your attire, a darker color overcoat, like black and navy blue, will bring out the smart look. Mens’ dress shirt, with a neutral shade, tucked in a pair of plaid chinos smarten up with the buttoned-up paletot or a darker gray chesterfield.


A monochrome look is perfect to carry out a casual outfit with an overcoat. Choose a gray sweater, straight cut jeans, and a black trenchcoat, a covert coat will look good on casual too. Add some street style details, you may wear a beanie or a cap and a pair of sneakers or chunky boots since it’s for the cold weather.

Night Out

Though, an overcoat is often used to create a smart or formal look, you can also pull off a night out style with it. You must look great while hanging out with your friends in the evening and in the colder months. An overcoat with a plaid print and lighter color are great to wear, choose your favorite pair of ripped or washed jeans and pumps are handy for you, this combination makes a more defined look.


It’s really easy to wear the coat over the formal attire since overcoats go well with suit and tie. The only concern here is the combinations of the color, the tone of the suit and the coat must complement each other. Dark and navy suit and a camel overcoat will make a perfect classic formal look. Look for the shoes with a classy design that can protect you from freezing temperature.

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