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What to Wear with a Polo Shirt for Men: Men’s Style Guide

Men’s fashion is simple, but entirely different than women. Most men don’t care about fashion as long as they feel comfortable with what they are wearing. Some women go about changing their outfits two or three times a day, but men can typically go to several places in a day wearing the same outfit.


While some men don’t care if they are fashionable, there are absolutely others who enjoy looking dapper. This is why men’s wardrobes exist, after all. No men’s wardrobe is complete without one shirt in particular — it is so versatile that it can match just about any bottom. So, whether you are a fashion icon or you couldn’t care less, make sure you’ve got this in your closet so you can turn any outfit into a winning one. 

Polo shirts are a must-have, especially in the summer months, when the weather gets hot and you’re seeking more breathability in your fabrics.

How should men wear their polo shirts? 


Looking good with what you wear depends on how you carry yourself. Fashion styles are usually the outcome of outfit experimentation and combination. However, it is still safe to take some notes when making outfit combinations.

Although polo shirts have that versatility, men do encounter problems wearing them. One of the problems that men have with polo shirts is the wrong choice to wear for a specific occasion. The design or the fit may be the cause that the shirt becomes inappropriate for the occasion. Another problem goes with the branding since there are a lot of companies producing the same shirt only with a different logo.

These problems may be inevitable, but there are certain ways that you can still rock in your polo shirt. Once you’ve mastered the skill of selecting the right polo shirt, you will surely regret not trying this with your previous outfits. Here are two things to consider when choosing a polo shirt to wear.

Select The Right Fit


Before finally deciding which shirt to wear, nailing the fit is the first step. So, how do you know when a polo shirt fits properly? A good polo shirt is one with sleeves hitting the mid-bicep. The shirt should end halfway below the fly of the trouser to prevent the stomach from showing when reaching for things. It also allows the shirt to be tucked in.

Another thing to pay attention to with polo shirts is the neck opening. When leaving it unbuttoned, do not open it properly as it helps in face framing.

Master The Styling Keys


Just as it applies to everything, knowing the basics is a must. The first thing that you must get is a right-fitted and solid-colored polo shirts like black, gray, white, and navy blue. For your main go-to shirts for casual events, try to keep the designs simple. These are likely to be your next summer wardrobe workhorses.

After getting the basics, it’s time to get adventurous by mixing them up with different tops or bottoms. You will enjoy taking your pick with polo shirts because of their ease of access. Whether you opt to wear a polo made of a jersey material, with ribbed cuffs, or one with a shirt collar, you can always do more. Some people would have the polo with a mid or deep placket and a button-down collar as their favorite.

What Are The Ways Of Wearing Polo Shirts? 

A polo shirt is one top that makes a man look his best. The good thing about them is that they are wearable for either casual or special occasions. Versatility wise, you can pair them with any bottom or additional top to add more to the usual way of wearing them. Here are some of the most currently popular ways of wearing polo shirts.

Wearing Polo Shirts With Jeans 

If there is one bottom that could match the versatility of polo shirts, it would be the jeans. It’s a good thing that both of them can be worn on a daily basis as long as you are comfortable. When pairing polo shirts with jeans, choose one with a strong color to give a varying accent to your overall look. You may complete the look with either a pair of sneakers or a pair of leather shoes.

Wearing Polo Shirts With Suits 


Black, as they say, is a color of elegance. And when talking about elegance, nothing is more elegant than a suit. When choosing for a formal occasion, go for one that can be used as a button-down shirt. A black polo shirt will work best with any  suit you have regardless of color. If you are aiming for a corporate look, you may want to go with a polo shirt with a collar.

Wearing Polo Shirts With Shorts

polo shirt style guide

One of the most casual (but fashion forward) events that you can go to is Coachella. Most of the time, the people going to this event wear a Bohemian-inspired outfit to match the theme. However, there are polo shirts that can be worn when attending Coachella events. You can choose a polo shirt with a loud design or print, along with a dark-colored pair of shorts and tennis shoes.

Wearing Polo Shirts For Playing Sports


Polo shirts are comfortable to wear when you are into sports. When choosing one for your game, go for a cotton-made polo shirt. It will not only make you look good, but it will also provide comfort when you move. You may also opt for a design that is simple yet sporty looking.

Polo shirts are a must-have in any man’s closet for one simple reason: you can pair them with just about anything. Fashion forward or corporate, edgy or reserved, the polo shirt is the right choice for you!

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