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How to Wear a Boutonniere


When you go to any formal event, whether it was your high school prom or a wedding, you will find that the men at the event are wearing a boutonniere. That extra accessory that every man needs to give your suit look into a fresh dapper look. But what is a boutonniere? To start off the definition of boutonniere is a French word translated in English is buttonhole. It is a floral accessory that men wear on their suite jacket and is usually one flower.


Price of a Boutonniere:

You are able to buy a boutonniere at any flower shop you go to, but pricing ranges depending on the kind of boutonniere you are looking for. Each boutonniere is a decoration that is customized to each gentleman. From the ribbon, color, style, down to the specifics of the flower and how many flowers you want. You will be able to find boutonniere’s as cheap as $10 and range up to $40. Prices obviously are determined by the freshness of the flower, the the type of ribbon, to how many flowers you get.

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Pinning A Boutonniere:

When pinning a boutonniere it may seem intimidating, but it is very simple with five easy steps.

1. Be sure the boutonniere is positioned correctly. The flower must be facing towards you, and away from the date. The greenery accessory would be towards the date and away from yourself.

2. One you positioned the boutonniere correctly be sure to place it on your dates left side. When you face your date, the boutonniere will be on your right.

3. Adjust the boutonniere so the flower is on or sometimes just below the broadest part of the lapel.

4. Pin the boutonniere. Hold the boutonniere in place with one hand and lift the lapel about two inches. With your free hand take the pin and push it through the back of the lapel, through the boutonniere stem starting from the top going diagonal downward. The rounded end of the pin should be behind the lapel for you to push the pin through and be sure push the pin away from your date’s chest.

5. Now be sure that positioning of your boutonniere is correct. Take a step back and make sure that the boutonniere is directly facing up and that it’s securely fastened. If it isn’t make the proper adjustments needed to be sure that it is done correctly.

How to pronounce boutonniere: [ ˌbo͞otnˈi(ə)r ]


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