How to Get a Perfectly Smooth Face



Achieving the perfect shave is something all men strive for, and very few are lucky enough to experience. I have a plethora of grooming products, and am still regularly subjected to razor bumps and irritation. I’ve tried countless overpriced, under performing products that made little to no difference.

Then recently I was lucky enough to get the works from American Crew and was able to try out all their shave products for myself. Yes, they supplied them, but my review is 100% my opinion, and my opinion isn’t bought. This is hands down the closest, most comfortable shave I’ve ever experienced.

I’ve tried a few different mixtures of these to see which did the best job on my face, and I am now a lifetime user of the shave oil and the moisturizing shave cream. My face is not only smooth, hydrated, and soft, but for the first time in a long time I don’t have a single razor bump on my neck. Of course, this is also helped by the post-shave cooling lotion which is like a cooling, minty, breath on your face.

Check out American Crew’s guide below on which products they recommend for which beard time, and seriously, do your face a favor and get some of this.


Grab the products that are right for you at American Crew.

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