Hottest fall shades from Neiman Marcus


A pair of good sunglasses is all you need to change your outlook on the world. And they certainly don’t need to be rose-colored to make you feel good about yourself and everything going on around. Sunglasses are one of those key pieces that tie together an outfit and add that touch of cool and sophisticated. There is something very appealing about a sharp man with the right pair of shades – a bit of mystery and a lot of style is what that says. Besides, this season, with so many retro trends coming back, there are some very exciting things happening. Of course the health factor should not be neglected either. Want to keep a clear outlook on style for longer? A pair of good sunglasses will help protect your eyes. This fall Neiman Marcus has all the necessary items for a very cool season and, most of all – the hottest shades to complement your look. Here are our favorite picks.

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