Holiday Gift Ideas from Proper Cloth


Now that Thanksgiving has passed it’s time to get into gift giving mode.  If you’re looking to be everyones favorite uncle, parent or random person who gives gifts then check out some of the great pieces from Proper Cloth.  Including ties, scarves and cuff links, their accessories department is enough to cross off all the stylish men who have everything on your list.  Want to go a little bigger and not be strictly accessories oriented?  Check out Proper Cloth’s Custom Dress Shirts and tailor each piece exactly for the person it’s for.  Pick your fabrics, collar styles, and every other detail you want.  I hope for your sake someone leaves one of these amazing shirts under the tree for you as well.
Proper-Cloth-Navy-Silk-Knots-Coupon Proper-Cloth-Gray-Scarf-Coupon Proper-Cloth-Custom-Shirts-Holiday-Coupon

Like what you see?  Click here and head over to Proper Cloth to check out all these perfect holiday gifts.

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