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How to Get Zayn Malik’s Hairstyle: Undercut, Pompadour & More

Who doesn’t know Zayn Malik? Whether you know him as one of the member of One Direction,  Zayn has indeed been a brand and  name. One of the many things he is very much known for is his iconic fashion statements. He has been unafraid to express himself over the years especially when he made his solo career as an artist. So here’s a guide to getting Zayn’s glorious hairstyles:

The Undercut

The undercut is the hairstyle that says even from afar that “summer is near” because of the cool cut it brings out. Settle into the barber seat and ask for trimmer sides and more length on top. Chances are, your barber will instantly know the look. This hairstyle was one of Zayn’s early dos when he debuted with his former band, One Direction. 

The Pompadour

This hairstyle has been around ever since Zayn Malik himself was even born. This style references the classic rockabilly look of the 50’s (think: Elvis Presley). How to get this look? Keep the sides of your hair cropped yet still fairly thick, and leaving a large amount of hair in the middle and keep your hair raised and swept back.

The Buzz Cut

If undercut is “summer is near”, buzz cut screams, “summer is here”! This style was first seen in Zayn when he first came out as a solo artist after leaving One Direction. You can achieve this hairstyle by basically keeping the lengthy part of your hair from an undercut, shorter. Buzz cuts are typically given with electric clippers, and are used to “buzz” the top of your hair to one length. 


Huh? What? Is this a hairstyle? Yes, it is! This hairstyle was mainstream in the mid-to-late 18th century in western Europe and is a term commonly used for hairstyle for women but now popularized by Bruno Mars and of course, Zayn Malik. This type of hairstyle is characterized by hair raised on the head and usually covering the ears or hanging down on the sides.

Dyed Hair

Being an iconic fashionista requires for one to stand out. But in the case of Zayn, there is no struggle to stand out because people just go crazy over his different hairstyles especially when he started dying his hair. He colored his hair, blonde, platinum blonde, neon pink and green and recently, a bold silver color.


When Zayn started growing his hair long, fans wondered what is he going to do with this new do. And of course, to our surprise, Zayn gave us the unexpected slicked-back hair with his long locks. If you want to complete this look, you need more than just growing your hair long, you also need a good pomade to keep that mane shiny as possible.


Harry isn’t just the only one growing his hair, is he? On the later part of the year though, Zayn decided to play with his growing mane with a 90’s flashback style called the center-parting. To achieve this, just part your hair with a gold ole comb and wear it with confidence.


This hairstyle is a simple side part with the hair laying flat and slicked. A pomade is usually used for sweeping the hair and securing the style in place. The side swept swept has been a go-to style for men who wants a classic look or a formal appearance look.

There is no need for you to leave a band and start a solo career or date a super model to achieve this hairstyles. Zayn has proven that with great do comes great responsibility. Whether you change your hairstyle because of seasons in your life or you just want to play with your mane, just like Zayn, carry your hairstyle with confidence and a lot of angst.

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