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Best Haircuts for Men with a Round Face

A round face has the same shape and facial attributes with the square face but it has less angular cuts and edges. The cheekbones are wider and the is also chin in a rounded shape.

Picking the best hairstyle for round faces isn’t about the coolest trends but it is about the best haircut that will suit your face shape. There are a lot of styles that can totally look good for guys with round faces. These styles balance the width and make the face look longer and more angular.

if you’re having a hard time picking what haircut you’ll get for your round face, we have some suggestions for you to choose from below.

Short Back and Sides

Short back and Sides haircut will totally fit guys with round face. You can have it undercut, curved and long at the top or even slicked back. This style makes the jaw looks square.

The Classic Pompadour

This is one of the most classic round face haircuts for men. The slicked back pompadour has good hair volume on the top.  If you want to add more volume you can use a hair dryer and brush your hair up. This will help your face to look longer.

This hairstyle is perfect if you are working since it looks kind of formal.

For more pompadour hairstyle, check out our 33 Dope Pompadour Hairstyle article.

The Angular Fringe

To make your round face looks more angular, then you can sweep your hair to the side to make a contrast with your cheeks, the short hair on the side will give your face a masculine look. This style really suits guys with round faces.

The Faux Hawk

One of the most popular haircut for men with round faces is the faux hawk. This hairstyle adds volume and angles to your profile. You can totally add some spikes to this hairstyle to make it look cooler.

Check our Faux Hawk article for a guide on how to properly achieve this hairstyle.

High Volume Haircut

Men with round faces can choose to have a high volume haircut since this style will make your shape longer and leaner. You can tousle your hair by the use of hair dryer, though the volume relies on the length of your hair.

The Spiky Hairstyle

If you want to add boldness to your look but having a problem because of your round face, then you can try having the spiky hairstyle. This will make your hair thin and would be a perfect match for your face shape.

You can choose the style of spikes to get or let your barber decide for it to get a great result. You can also put wax on your hair to keep the spikes in place.

The Comb Over

If you want to hide how round your shape is then the comb over hairstyle is a great option for you. For this style, your hairs are brushed to the side with a parting.

The Side Part

The Side Part haircut can be a good preference for men with round face since this style is very flexible and can match any outfits compared to pompadour. The back and the sides of this style are short with long bangs and thickness on the top.

Just simply comb a part depending on which side is your preference. You dry it naturally or with the use of a blow dryer.

Check out our 10 Best Ways to Wear Side Part Hairstyle.

High Volume Undercut

High Volume Undercut creates a different effect with your profile since this style will disregard the shape of your face. You can use hair wax or hair spray to set your hair after tousling it.

For undercut try this guide on how to get a great style.

Vertical Hairstyle

If you want your hair to look big or let’s say tall. This vertical hairstyle would be an eye catcher. This adds volume to your hair that hides the features of your round face.

Use a good quality of wax and tousle your hair vertically with some spiky texture and you can easily achieve this hairstyle.

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