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25 Dreads Styles for Guys: Men’s Hairstyles

The most important thing about your hair is you can say so much about your behavior and personality by choosing what to choose and the way you style it. Dreadlocks are unique and fashionable hairstyle that most people attracted to it by its uniqueness and boldness. If you’re ready to get locked, so be it!

Best Hairstyles for Men’s Dreadlocks

To all men out there, don’t you worry! Even if you have long or short hair, Dreadlocks are easy to have it whether you have worn dreads or anxious to begin your locking journey. These pictures will help you motivated to change your style and have some ideas to begin your dreadlocks. Let’s go!

1. Low Ponytail Dreadlocks

Low Ponytail Dreadlocks are perfect when working in a conservative setting. Ponytail can hold the dreadlocks in place and prevents you from disturbing when you’re working.

2. Dreadlocks with a Twist

This Dreadlocks is for a classy style with a trendy twist. Plenty of dreadlocks are twisted to create coolness even though it’s kind of messy. If wanting to be young and great, I recommend to do this hairstyle.

3. Curly Dreadlocks

Don’t you know, you can curl your dreadlocks style? Absolutely, you can! These dreadlocks are curled to add more texture and style.

4. Criss Cross Dreadlocks

Regardless of length, volume and texture, this kind of dreadlocks often styled to men. With a small amount of dreads you can absolutely do a criss cross for a change of style.

5. Bold Mohawk with Dreads

Most black men wear different kind of dreads. They know how to wear a simple dread that would make them cool and comfortable on their hairstyle. We can see neat beard with a bold and cool Mohawk with dread.

6. Medium Locks with Undercut

As you can see, the tapered sides and back are the center stage. Most men prefer to have short dreads for it is easy to manage and style. This style is light because of undercut yet cool for its dreads.

7. Braided Dreads with Exposed Sides

A centered, pulled- back pony creates a low- key Mohawk in just a mere instant. The shaven or exposed sides gives a clean and organized dreadlocks.

8. Hippie Dreadlocks

Give your hair some time to relax and move freely. Put your ponytails aside and let your dread flow freely. This dread is just simple as you can see the picture above.

9. Pulled- up Ponytail

The male top-knots are the biggest trends now on the hipster scene. The pony tailed dread looks more clean and clean to all men.

10. Long Braided Dreads for Men

A plain braid never disappoints us. It always goes with the flow and never faded in such a long time of wearing a braided hairstyle. If your dreads are braided, then I guess it’s totally looks clean and organize. It enhances the volume and texture of the dread to make it look thicker, equal and neat.

11. Long Dreads with Undercut

Dread hairstyles are just easy to rock. A cool style of dread is now cooler if it’s combined with undercut, fade or shaven designs. This long dreads is simple yet amazing.

12. Dread Mohawk with Line Up

Many people wants dreadlocks. Pair it with a cool and killer line up as it focuses on form of dreads.

13. Dreadlock Chic

The classic “half-up”, “half- down” is every individual can relate too. No matter how long and short your dreadlocks are, don’t hesitate to try this one. It’s very clean and neat and not overdone.

14. Bohemian Rhapsody Dreadlocks

This hairstyle is very easy to wear. The dreadlocks are creating a wavy style for texture and volume. Don’t need to tie it up and hang it upward. Just let it go down freely.

15. Classic Dreadlocks

Classic Dreadlocks is mostly the same with Bohemian Rhapsody Dreadlocks because it doesn’t need a pony or material to be used. It is just free and short. Let them hang freely.

16. Fire Flame Locks

With shaved sides and  two bold red colors atop your head, everybody could say “wow” about your hairstyle. This hairstyle is cool and flaming!

17. Quirky Undercut for Black Men

Black men are very good in wearing dreads because of each dreads originality and personality. Black men are born to be dreadlocks professional.

18. Tiny Locks into Ponytail

If you have dreadlocks, one of the most comfortable ways to wear them is to tie it up into ponytail. Tiny locks makes your face looks clean and neat.

19. Short and Simple Dreadlocks

Nothing beats simplicity. Short dreads are easy and comfy to wear. No problem to any movement you make but just make sure to wear a good short dread for its coolness.

20. Short and Thick Dreadlocks

If you prefer your hair to be in a shorter side, then this hairstyle suits for you. Suited to all texture and thickness of hair. Make sure to wear your simple dreadlocks with confidence.

21. Long Brown Locks

Styling dreadlocks for a white guy is very challenging due to its straight hair and less dense. You just need to form it properly to get a nice result like the brown style above.

22. Two- Tone Dreadlocks

Two- tone colors of dreads are very cool especially the vintage color. It adds edge and class and it adds nice depth to this long style.

23. Side Swept Dreads

If you want a simple style for our dread, this is a latter option. Simply swept your hair to one side. Works best for mid- length dreads.

24. Knotted Half Updo Style

This style is one of the popular dread hairstyles nowadays. Tie them into half updo. To make your dread cool and stylish tie it with an elastic band and hid it under one or two locks. Quite good and cute, right?

25. Low Pony with Basket Weave Plait

This hairstyle is a high- maintenance kind of work. A good stylist can do it but if you know how to do it properly then it’s okay for you. Refresh your dreads with this style and add unique patterns. As you can see in this picture, your hair is gathered into a low ponytail and the basket weave plait is made out of dreads taken from the hairline.

If you want to change something, consider your hair for a new you and face. Dreads are unique and cool to wear. If you want this hairstyle, then just be it. Good luck in making this hairstyle and have confidence always!


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