Gustin – Giving the Crowd What They Want


Gustin is a one-of-a-kind brand of menswear. They make top-of-the-line clothes, but only when you want them to. Gustin works on a crowdsourcing system; they regularly put out a number of product campaigns and over a limited time customers can choose to “back” their products. If enough people back the product it goes into production and gets sent to happy customers. Gustin’s business model is a unique one and allows them to offer high end clothes at whole sale prices. It’s a cool idea that we covered in depth some months ago. Read our Life, Tailored profile on Gustin to learn all you need to know about your new favorite company.

This time around there are some phenomenal pieces waiting to be backed on Gustin’s site. Check all of them out here.

These are our favorites:

Gustin - Super Light Selvage Denim

Excellent Super Light Denim in metallic blue. Perfect for warmer weather, $103. (Only 11 days left to back it!)

Gustin - Heavy Indigo Chambray

The beautiful Heavy Indigo Chambray fabric waiting to be turned into a shirt, $94. (Only 10 days left to back it!)

Gustin - Brown Duck Canvas Chino

The Brown Duck Canvas Chino, $93. (Only 7 days left to back it!)

Gustin - Light Khaki American Chino

The Light Khaki American Chino, $85. (Only 11 days left to back it!)

Gustin - Short Sleeve Royal Gingham

Finally the Short Sleeve Royal Gingham, $70. (Only 12 days left to back it!)

Gustin is more than worth your time, get to backing!

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