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Gustin, the premium jeans company is now expanding to belts. 2 years ago I got a $200 belt from Bonobos, and at the time I thought I was crazy for paying such a high price, but today, and on my 500th day of wearing the belt, I’m not regretting my decision at all. The belt has aged great, and the buckle has a screw mechanism that is still strong and holding tight.

Gustin has released a line of belts, the strap is edged, burnished with beeswax, and finished with a traditional English point. We use a solid brass center bar buckle that gets tumbled to subtly tarnish the nickle finish. It’s secured with two solid brass rivets that are hand pounded to give them a unique feel and profile. We’re super excited to make this belt in the Bay Area.

The belt is just $45, and something with comparable quality you would expect at $100 – $150. One thing to note, the belt is on the wider side and may not fit all pairs of pants. Its designed to fit Gustin’s jeans perfectly, so if you grab a pair, snatch this belt as well.

For your first Gustin purchase, use my $20 Gustin coupon code, and I get $20 back as well. Enjoy.

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